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Introducing OMNIYA, London: The First Health and Beauty MediClinic Of Its Kind.

OMNIYA is a new concept in health, beauty and pharmacy, a Health and Beauty MediClinic in the heart of Knightsbridge. The pioneering clinic with its beautiful modern surroundings is the very first-of-its-kind, offering an unparalleled selection of health and beauty services, as well as a fully dispensing pharmacy and dedicated retail space filled with the best cosmeceuticals, niche and cult skincare, haircare and health brands.

OMNIYA 5OMNIYA is the complete experience for inner and outer health and beauty. OMNIYA brings together a dedicated team of medical and aesthetic practitioners, beauty therapists and wellness experts, a nutritionist, pharmacist and private GP, all under one roof. Each member of the team
has been carefully selected by OMNIYA in order to create a diverse menu of best in class treatments and services with unique combination programmes as collaboration between practitioners is encouraged to ensure the clients needs are catered for with bespoke and innovative solutions.

“We created OMNIYA as the first Health and Beauty MediClinic; knowing that there was a gap in the market for this new concept. We wanted it to be a haven for all health, beauty and pharmacy needs with a core focus on ensuring our clients feel better internally and externally. The modern yet professional and medical environment was designed to be a home for the best in class practitioners to provide their services and collaborate together on bespoke combination treatments.”, Danyal Kader, co-founder of OMNIYA HEALTH OMNIYA has two private GPs; Dr Mark Bonar and Dr Sohere Roked. Dr Bonar is a cellular ageing specialist, who has extensive experience with healthy ageing and regenerative medicine. Dr Bonar is highly respected for his restorative and rejuvenating treatments for both men and women, using hormone therapy and functional nutritional medicine. Dr Roked is a holistic GP and women’s health expert, specialising in hormone therapies, Chronic fatigue, fertility, gut health, thyroid issues, as well as
mood and anxiety.
For those looking for bespoke diets and health assessments, clinical nutritionist Peter Cox works with clients to create unique lifestyle programmes for weight loss, healthy ageing, fertility, increased energy levels, improved digestion and cardiovascular health.
Maryam Ghouth is a life coach with specialist techniques and tools based on core cognitive and psychological principals, to help clients exceed personal and professional goals. Maryam focuses on
mindfulness, confidence building and motivation, to push past emotional and mental barriers. Vitamin infusions for increased energy, reviving tired skin, improving hair and nails, or reducing anxiety and stress can also be prescribed by OMNIYA.
Renowned Medical Aesthetic Doctor, Dr Sarah Tonks, is best known for her advanced work with nonsurgical facelifts including the Silhouette Soft and PDO thread-lift. Dr Tonks also offers nonsurgical rhinoplasty, chemical peels, anti-wrinkle injectables, dermal fillers and lip enhancement. Natali Kelly is an Independent Nurse Prescriber renowned for her subtle, perfecting lip enhancement injectables. Natali also specialises in PDO thread-lift, anti-wrinkle injectables, dermal fillers, mesotherapy, chemical peels, derma rollers and nonsurgical rhinoplasty.
OMNIYA’s beauty team is headed-up by advanced facialist Kerry Payne, who has expert knowledge in skin health and cosmeceuticals. Kerry offers advanced skin consultations before creating bespoke
facials using Skinceuticals, Environ, ZO Skin Health and ZO Skin Medical. Depending on the individual client’s needs, Diamond tome microdermabrasion, peels and masks are also available.
Co-founder and OMNIYA partner Ahmed Al Saraf has fifteen years experience as a pharmacist and his name is synonymous with care, consideration and results driven advice in London’s highly competitive pharmacy sector. He specialises in medicine, nutrition and prescriptions, which are dispensed from OMNIYA’s discreet boutique pharmacy.
The dedicated retail space is a beauty lover’s playground for luxury, cult and niche skincare, haircare
and health brands. The selection has been curated to hold the best in cosmeceuticals, traditional
continental pharmacy products and essential nutritional and wellbeing supplements.

More Information

OMNIYA 3a Montpelier Street, Knightsbridge, London, SW7 1EX www.omniya.co.uk @omniyalondon

OMNIYA is the first-of-its-kind Health and Beauty MediClinic, hailing a new concept in health & beauty, right in the heart of Knightsbridge. The pioneering clinic offers an unparalleled selection of health and beauty services, as well as a fully dispensing pharmacy. The dedicated retail space has the very best cosmeceuticals, niche and cult skincare, haircare and health brands. OMNIYA is the complete experience for inner and outer health and beauty