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Abeille Royal by Guerlain

“quintessential repair, born of honey and royal jelly.”

Developed by Guerlain Research, the age-defying skincare products in the Abeille Royale range are composed of active ingredients with exceptional repairing properties derived from bee products*,especially honey from Ouessant Island in France. The formulas of the two new Day Creams and the new Night Cream have been revised to offer even greater effectiveness and sensory pleasure.

The result:
The skin’s appearance is instantly and lastingly transformed and the visible signs of skin ageing minimised, to even more precisely meet women’s expectations in terms of age-defying skincare.

An innovative technology:
At the heart of the new Abeille Royale Day Creams lies Repairing Concentrate with a comprehensive action that works on all the key levels of the skin to improve its radiance and the quality of its texture.
It originates from the Guerlain Research laboratories’ discovery that
Ouessant honey helped boost the production of genes coding for
two proteins that play a role in forming the skin’s barrier (stimulation of Cornifin gene expression by 50% and Elafin gene expression by 27% by keratinocytes in culture)*.
It incorporates two types of hyaluronic acid:
• One of high molecular weight that acts rapidly on the surface,
hydrates and smooths the skin, minimising wrinkles and fine lines.
• The other of low molecular weight that passes through the skin’s
mesh to:
– boost the proliferation of epidermal* cells to reduce surface
– boost collagen and fibroblast synthesis in the dermis*

Sensory textures:
The new Day Cream texture is a perfect balance between richness and lightness. The texture’s comforting softness can instantly be felt, leaving skin radiant and comfortable. The Rich Day Cream has an utterly delectable texture as rich as a balm. Enriched with beeswax butter, derived entirely from natural sources, the formula gently glides over the skin, which instantly appears smoother. A gourmet pleasure enhanced even further by its honey colour. On application, this nectar’s slightly fresh, sun kissed fragrance holds an enchanting appeal. Honeyed notes of beeswax absolute fuse with the more floral aromas of mimosa and broom, blending with the scent of fresh herbs…

Guerlain Research has drawn on the work of Professor Bernard Descottes, head of the visceral surgery and transplant department at Limoges teaching hospital, who experimented with honey bandages on over 3,000 patients and highlighted its healing and antibacterial properties. In collaboration with Professor Desmoulière, physiology professor at the Faculty of Limoges, Guerlain Research has demonstrated the similarities between the repair process for damaged skin and that of epidermises affected by skin ageing and has scientifically proven the healing effect of certain honeys and royal jellies. As honey promotes healing, could it effectively prevent the signs of ageing? This is what Guerlain Research demonstrated eight years ago now through its Abeille Royale skincare line based on very high quality
bee products. Guerlain has established three essential criteria guaranteeing the “golden nectar’s” quality and healing power:
• the genetic specificity of the bee,
• the richness and diversity of the ecosystem in which it forages,
• the purity of its environment.