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Alberto Sartori: ‘Made in Italy’ Craftsmanship Deeming Every Accessory a Unique Expression of Style

Hailing from the heart of Italy, sophisticated accessory label Alberto Sartori was born of the vision of Creative Director, Barbara Cortelazzi, whose design ethos is underpinned by the philosophy that customisation is a prerequisite to true luxury. With a mission to offer accessories reflecting one’s own style and personality, Alberto Sartori addresses the ever-changing needs and desires of the fashion conscious woman, a journey which begins at curating and customising the perfect accessory. Offering “tailor to order” and special order pieces, Alberto Sartori customises each piece according to the client’s desires, allowing them to choose between an infinite range of luxurious personalisations that style their perfect accessory.


Using only the finest selection of Italian calfskin and crocodile leather, and created with meticulous craftsmanship techniques, Alberto Sartori pieces are the quintessence of ‘Made in Italy’. With its exquisite leather sourced from the homelands of traditional tanning, Tuscany and Veneto, each Alberto Sartori bag is characterized by precious cuts and bejewelled details which clients can customise according to taste. The jewelry workmanship is entrusted to Italian goldsmiths, who use their artisanal craftsmanship to create the fine jewelry pieces styled within the handbags.

Creative Director Cortelazzi says her vision is to create an accessory that epitomizes the fashion sensibility of its holder: “a handbag that brings together sophisticated classic design and innovation through research and dedication”. Made for the chic and elegant woman with an individual sense of style, Cortelazzi says the brand opens doors to high-end product customisation, making every woman feel unique with her Alberto Sartori handcrafted piece.

“Our customisation process grants clients the chance to get involved in every step of the creation process, making each piece a unique expression of individual style. Clients are able to customise their handbags online, choosing between exotic and refined Italian leathers, various colourways and a variety of delicate jewelry embellishments, as well as the option to add initials,” Cortelazzi said. The brand further cements the exclusivity of each piece within its limited edition collections by charming each bag with its own unique and eccentric serial number.

Before creating the brand, Cortelazzi carried out a thorough philological study of the most iconic and timeless lines of bags ever created, seeking to understand how fashion evolved to become an element of ‘obsession’ over the years. Throughout her studies, Cortelazzi says she realised that people were becoming increasingly interested in customised fashion, and were prepared to pay a premium for personalised embellishments.

“This research guided the creation process of my own line of bags, each of which is embellished with jewels that make every piece unique. Customisation is the next indispensable feature in the realm of luxury, which is why we pursued in creating bespoke accessories for a discerning audience that is increasingly concerned with exclusivity,” she said.

The very first Alberto Sartori collection will premiere this coming Fall. The collection can be purchased through the brand’s dedicated website where customers can step by step indulge in the selection and creation of their Alberto Sartori bag.

How to customise your Alberto Sartori Bag:

The Alberto Sartori website is characterized by an advanced configurator to customise bags. In the ‘shop’ section customers are able to visualize the bags in all their sizes and finishes. The range of customisation includes bag size, the types of leathers and the colour ranges, a variety of jewels and inserts, as well as placement options for the customer’s initials. Step by step, the customers’ creation of the bag appears visually on the screen configurator. During the customisation and purchase process, customers also get the privilege of connecting with the brand for styling and combination tips. The customisation process is conceived as a real journey to discover the world of Alberto Sartori outside of the Italian showroom.

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