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Anesi Body Treatment For a Detox Glow

Tips and Toes offers an exquisite body treatment to eliminate fat cells and to rehydrate your entire body in a clay mask and several ointment for a refreshing boost. When we heard about this, we were intrigued, so decided to try it out…

With over 40 years of commitment to skincare technology, Anesi Beaute’s phytolab laboratories have gained international recognition for their highly acclaimed face and body care products, and now you can benefit from their years of wisdom exclusively at Tips & Toes.

KM tried the Parafango Cellulite Treatment, which reduces unwanted fat cells and evens out skin tone on the body whilst giving a muscle relaxing and hydrating experience, as well as counteracting stretch marks and smoothing and firming skin texture.

The Process:
The treatment started out with intense exfoliation and deep tissue massage to target fat cells. Regenerative oils were applied to nourish the dehydrated skin and to even out skin tone.. The procedure was later followed by a deep clay mask all over the body to improve the firmness and tightness of the skin.

The Results:
After a week our skin still felt deeply moisturized and had a bikini body glow from the aftermath of the body treatment. Our skin felt and looked smoother and there was a slight reduction of stretch marks and uneven skin tone.

Our Verdict:
We highly recommend this treatment to all our readers.

More Information
Available in most Tips and Toes branches in UAE, the Parafango cellulite treatment costs AED 315 with added 5% VAT.