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Angel Schlesser’s New Signature Fragrance For Women: Pirouette

More than ten years have passed since Ángel Schlesser launched Femme, his first fragrance in collaboration with Idesa Parfums. This long span of time has shown that the alliance between the designer and the perfume company has been a success, and has resulted in a collection of fragrances that have been exceptionally well-received both in domestic and international markets.

They are now introducing a new feminine fragrance, with which the designer aims to create a bond with contemporary women. In the designer’s own words, “I stand in awe of the capacity and energy of modern women. They build their careers, manage the house and the kids, find time to help others; they are always there for their friends and, to top it all off, they are able to take care of themselves, find time to enjoy themselves, to go to a rock concert or learn ballet. They are interested in everything – their energy is boundless.”

These modern young women – rigorous professionals, exacting in their responsibilities, committed to their environment, but also capable of making the most of life and hearing all of its music – are the target of Ángel Schlesser’s new fragrance.

They are women with personality, creative and full of energy. Positive and active. They are women who are inquisitive and eager for new experiences. They are women without limitations or prejudices. They are women who wear Schlesser clothing in their own way: those who use a military-inspired parka to cover up a chiffon dress. Those who combine leather with tulle when they rush from their ballet lesson to a rock concert, wearing a biker jacket over a delicate tutu. Those who laugh at everything. Those who never give up. Those who feel that they have a rich and full life to live and that live it to the fullest.

PIROUETTE has been created for all of them, sharing their dynamic and contemporary spirit; a new fragrance for women that, like a twirling pirouette, gives a shot of dynamism to the olfactive universe of the author, leaving in the air a trail of happiness and the boisterous strum of an electric guitar.


The concept of the fragrance takes its aesthetic references from the world of ballet. Dance, demanding energy and effort, symbolises the dynamism of youth and passion for life.

PIROUETTE is looking for an urban woman for a pas à deux, charismatic and with a strong personality, someone interested in everything concerning the world around her and who lives every day with intense energy. Lively and confident, she makes her own decisions and learns from her own experiences, unprejudiced.

Femininity is her signature trait; our modern ballerina faces life with purity and idealism: the future is offered to her as a gift to be unwrapped and curiosity is her driving force. She is interested in her social environment as much as in human relationships. She lives love as a mystery and friendship as a close accomplice.

This restless urbanite aims to change the world, even if it is via the Internet. She dresses according to the mood of the moment, free from rules and prejudices, but she is very much aware that clothes are a way of expressing herself. Sophisticated, cosmopolitan or chic, she combines styles unconventionally, because her clothes assert her complex personality.

She expresses her artistic sensibility through dance. She appreciates the beauty of a body in motion, but she is also moved by a good photograph, a magical story in a book or the feats of an athlete. To her, life is a kaleidoscope of emotions.

Twirling to the rhythm of life, this is PIROUETTE by Angel Schlesser and its charming, dynamic ballerina.


Stimulating and dynamic, PIROUETTE is a friendly, modern fragrance. Its gentle manners evoke the purity of youth and the feminine character. It is sweet and positive, affectionate and cordial.

The top notes greet us with the citric freshness of sunny Bergamot, in alliance with dark fruity touches of blackcurrant and red plum, which open the senses up to life. The tender shoots, green and brittle, bring vitality and dynamism.

The middle notes, a complex floral explosion, richly nuanced, define its feminine character. Rose petals, fragrant freesia and delicate iris offer themselves in a breathtaking composition with wild flowers such as lily of the valley, tropical orchid and star jasmine. Cocoa beans bring the luscious and modern contrast of an intensely sweet touch.

In the bottom notes, the fragrance is a blast of exotic Oriental notes. Intoxicating white musk and mysterious amber combined with warm cedar wood introduce the intensely aromatic sweetness of vanilla, on which sparkles the rebellious touch of lively patchouli.

Tender and romantic, energetic and confident. Urban. Contemporary. Restless. Curious and bold. Luscious. This is PIROUETTE, the new fragrance by Angel Schlesser.

Angel Schlesser Pirouette Eau de Toilette 50ML: AED 190; 100ML: AED 270