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ANGEL, The New Star, Eau De Parfum 75ml Refillable

Once Upon A Time, A New Star Was Born… And It Defied The Laws Of Gravity

The Angel story reveals a chapter of renewal and re-enchantment, presenting a surprising new star in its galaxy of bottles. Beyond time and space, it defies the laws of gravity while a true homage to fine glassmaking.

This new star follows the pure tradition of Angel creations: just like with the first Angel launch, this new design is a jewel of innovation and expertise.

The legend of Angel has only begun… Angel is forever new!

Genesis Of A New Star

Angel New Star-EDP-75ml (2)

Light-years away, beyond time and space, a glass meteorite streams across the universe. What is this blue-tinged sphere? Where is it headed?

Its trajectory leads it to an explosion of light… Is this the light of creation? Is this the beginning of a new Big Bang occurring right before our eyes?

Speeding madly across the skies, the glass ball begins to change: its nascent lines multiply and blend into the infinite cosmos, propelled by the dazzling fire of its genesis.

Shards of light are born from chaos; beveled glass edges seek each other, clash, merge and, finally, assemble themselves. Time stops. The universe holds its breath…

At last, the lines take shape, multiple and singular: a unique star is born, sublime and magnetic. Like platinum armor, the cap protects it; this sparkling body glitters like cut crystal…

At first glance, it appears cold. But hidden inside its heart beats a delicious and voluptuous treasure, irresistibly attractive.

Defying the laws of gravity, it seems to levitate around its core, emitting myriads of sparkles.

In the Angel galaxy, a new star metamorphoses and comes to life: a light in the sky born of challenges and created by the Mugler Studio.

A Star That Flirts With The Laws Of Gravity

The new Angel star has taken shape, born from the hands of the Mugler Studio designers. This three-dimensional star captures light with its countless facets, creating unprecedented surprise effects.

This is a true Mugler star: at first glance, it seems simple yet with a closer look it reveals its complexity. Its sophisticated structure and asymmetry create impressive glints…as if it had been sculpted from light.

At Mugler, we don’t talk in terms of bottle design; we work around the idea of an object that tells a story. Above all, a Mugler bottle is imagined and designed like a sculpture. In addition, its level of sophistication and beauty makes it a work of art. We imagined this new star as if we were launching Angel for the very first time. Our starting point was the ‘flat’ nomad star (25 ml and 50 ml), emblematic of the line, and we’ve propelled it into the future. This is why it has a unique perspective and why the volume breaks with the line’s institutional codes. We wanted a star that would pay tribute to the celestial dimension of Angel, one that would free itself from the laws of gravity. This star belongs in the sky; this is why it has not been designed with a specific ‘bottom’. It can be placed on any of its facets. This is why it defies the laws of gravity. In fact, amongst ourselves, we named it ‘Gravity’. In couture, as in perfume, Thierry Mugler has always worked with multiple visions of women, always with flattering and positive profiles. These visions also inspired us in our work to create a new star. We can say that the numerous facets of this star are like the reflections and many facets of the feminine persona.Virginie Delpeuc’h & Stéphane Calvi, Designers of the New Angel Star Artistic Directors at Thierry Mugler
A Galaxy Of Stars In The Pure Angel Tradition

Stars, the emblematic symbols of Angel, are more than just perfume bottles. Guided by a desire for perfection, they are works of art designed like jewels. They are sculpted blue diamonds with five asymmetrical points. Their unique design combines a tension and opposing elements that echo the fragrance itself: faceted blue glass confronting the sparkle of shiny metal.

This new star joins the collection of Angel bottles, whose secret is known only to Thierry Mugler. This design House is the only who has designed a collection of star bottles with very different shapes. Why is this special? Because it sets off the fragrance contained in the bottle and wraps it in a blue-tinted dream. This celestial color is the Angel signature, evocative of cosmic immensity and mystery.

Refillable Like All The Angel Stars

Impossible to part with an exceptional Mugler bottle… this is true of all Angel stars. For this reason, they can be filled again at the Parfums Mugler Source or using the line’s Eco-Source refill.

Part of the Mugler brand’s eco-responsible approach, this simple act gives new value to the bottle and enhances its aesthetic dimension. It also promotes a special relationship between the customer and beauty advisor at the point of sale. The advisor cares for the precious bottle while offering tips on the best way to perfect the perfuming ritual using the complementary “Angel Les Parfums Corps” line.

Initiated in 1992 for the launch of Angel, the Source revives the centuries-old tradition of refilling a treasured perfume bottle and is a bold, innovative interpretation of the nineteenthcentury principle of perfume fountains. Unlike discarding the bottle or purchasing an identical one, refilling gives it new life.

Theirry Mugler Angel The New Star: AED 609.