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‘Arabian Escape Treatment’ – a Spa Ritual Inspired by Middle Eastern Traditions and Archaic Cultural Beauty Traditions

When The Address Dubai Mall, one of the leading cosmopolitan hotels in Dubai, invited KM for a spa treatment that included henna, camel and dates, our intrigue got the better of us and we couldn’t wait to give it a try!

There are hundreds of spa treatments in the world and various different massages and beauty routines to suit any possible remit, but the 120 minute ‘Arabian Escape Treatment’ is truly unique and in our view, deserves the accolade of being one of the most original spa treatments of all time. Here’s why: it includes piercing scrub exfoliation made out of homegrown henna, it has a body mask treatment made of a concoction of milk and dates, and last but not the least the massage oil smells like an ancient Arabian ointment musk that leaves you feeling stimulated and relaxed.

Arriving at The Address Dubai Mall, it felt like we were entering a busy NYC subway-esque 5 star-hotel where lobby staff were rushing around to make way for new luggage and the fresh arrivals of VIP guests for their luxury escape. We quickly escaped the chaos to find sanctuary at the Spa on the 5th floor of the hotel. The entrance was classically regal resembling an off-white golden castle belonging to a Sheikh. The ambience was set by a fusion of Middle Eastern Jazz Blues music as we were taken to our treatment room.

We were met with the aroma of oriental spicy-leather musk and the lighting and decor was reminiscent of one those vintage movies on Arabian history made by the likes of David Lean. Our spa room looks refreshingly chic and modern accented with a few desert safari souvenirs. The view from the spa room shows the highlight of the Sheikh Zayed Road. It was a spectacular place to be.

The treatment started with a deep exfoliation using the Henna scrub for a good hour followed by a body wrap of 20 minutes made of camel milk and sticky date juice. It was a very luxurious feeling…

The treatment was concluded with a 20 minute facial that included date scrub and rose oil.

After a thorough shower, the therapist then gave us a butter massage of 1 hour that smelt like the most potent oud we had ever been exposed to. It penetrated all of our senses and made our skin and mind feel thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated. The results were lasting – even after a few days, our skin felt incredibly soft and hydrated as well as brightened. We saw a noticeable reduction in sun spots and our body was glowing – perfect for a trip to the beach.

All products used in the treatment are brewed with tantalizing oud, saffron, musk, amber frankincense and rose oil, thus exuding an exotic and rich aroma that leaves your senses utterly soothed.

Recognized time and again for its outstanding approach to holistic wellness, The Spa at Address Dubai Mall is an award-winning retreat for blissful experiences of refinement and rejuvenation that nourish both mind and body.

Our final verdict: We highly recommend the ‘Arabian Escape Treatment’.

More Information:

Time: 10am – 10pm

Price & Duration: AED 1040 per person for 120-minute session

Venue: The Spa at Address Dubai Mall

For spa bookings, please call +971 4 438 8025 or emailspa.dubaimall@addresshotels.com