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Azzaro Pour Elle Extreme

In The Beginning…

…there was Azzaro Pour Elle, a mirror creation of Azzaro Pour Homme, launched in 2014. Just like its masculine counterpart, Azzaro Pour Elle is, above all, a fragrance of seduction born of couturier Loris Azzaro’s vision of a solar, elegant and sophisticated woman. Azzaro Pour Homme and Azzaro Pour Elle are two complementary and indissociable perfumes, in the image of the magnetic couple formed by their muses, Ian Somerhalder and Ana Béatriz Barros.

Today, Azzaro Pour Elle’s new opus magnifies its sensuality. Its name is Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême.

Inspired by Loris Azzaro’s legendary couture creations, Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême is a precious perfume, to be worn like an Azzaro evening gown: sensual and irresistible, it envelops the woman who wears it with a mysterious and seductive trail. Like a garment of light, Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême reveals her aura.

Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême delivers a promise of pure seduction, magnified by the carnal intensity of Oud wood and its solar accents.

Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême, a fragrance with a golden glow

Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême is a more carnal interpretation of Azzaro Pour Elle. Its accords are intensified, sublimated and enriched with new ingredients to give the perfume even greater substance. The Floral Fruity Spicy fragrance of Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême is amplified by three new ingredients, saffron, an exclusive rose duo and peach around three weapons of seduction:

  • The sparkling start and fresh addiction of the unexpected tangy rosy accord and cardamom duo are highlighted by the spicy and explosive warmth of saffron.
  • At the heart of the fragrance, the rose duo unravels its intensity blended with solar and elegant royal lily notes.
  • Lastly, velvety soft peach merges with stylish and sensual cashmeran wood. As for mysterious incense and intense Oud wood, a typically oriental wood, they deliver the magic of an intense and carnal trail…

The sexy and glamorous Azzaro universe inspired the perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Fabrice Pellegrin (Firmenich) to imagine Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême like “a dress faceted with jewels and diamonds, for the radiance, the aura”.

The Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême couture bottle, like a golden sheath

Like a sculptural glass jewel, the Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême bottle preciously hosts the amber perfume. The gold lamé braid adorning the shimmering bottle, an iconic detail borrowed from Azzaro couture, shines with a thousand sequins on this chic and precious object.

Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême, Eau de Parfum, 75ML.