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Bionix Body Designers Launches The 45 Minutes Slim Shot Treatment

45 minutes is all that is required to lose an Inch or drop a pant size for that special event!

People looking for quick weight loss solutions in Dubai needn’t worry anymore as they can see a visible difference in a mere 45 minutes at Bionix Body designers. This is a boon in medical science for those who do not have the time to hit the gym or those who don’t want to undergo the knife.
weighloss1Bionix Body Designers has launched a 45 minutes slimming shot challenge, it is the most effective and aggressive non-surgical body shaping treatment ever. There is no downtime, no pain, no pin prick and immediate visible results.

Depending on the Body composition of individuals, a slimming shot is designed using a combination treatment of two to three very advanced non-surgical technologies. The best thing about the program or slim shot is that there are immediate measurable, visible results and the candidate will actually feel the difference.

slimshot 1“Bionix Slim Shot shows amazing results in 45 minutes, we have many patients who just come to try Bionix Slim shot and sign up for a package of 6 sessions.  At Bionix Body Designers, we have acquired patented state of art body shaping technologies, the protocols used are very unique to our centres, and we have an experience of more than 12 years in non-surgical Body shaping. This all adds to our fantastic results and clinic success”, says Mr. S. Paul, Managing Director Bionix Body Designers.

The slim shot treatment focuses on melting fat, draining it out through lymphatic channels, improves the metabolism, induces skin tightening and gives a complete muscular structure exercise to the body in 45 minutes.  The combination shows immediate difference which lasts long term with a healthy life style.

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About Bionix Body Designers:

Bionix Body Designers Clinic is a hub of aesthetic miracles where advance technology joins hands with experience, transferring dreams into reality.

From non-surgically dissolving unwanted fat or sculpting your body, to defining facial contours and managing hair loss, these breakthrough technologies are effective and painless programs that are a perfect fit for those who desire a more Contoured & Well Shaped Body without undergoing any surgery, strict diet plans or an exercise Regimen.

Bionix has Acquired Breakthrough Technologies and offers the Strongest, Most effective and Fastest Programs in:

1)    Body Shaping & Weight Loss

2)    Intraceuticals facial treatments

3)    Ultra-lift facial treatment.

4)    Hair Restoration

The centre also does complete makeover for those interested.

Location :

Bionix Body Designers

205B , Falcon Building

Al Mina Road , Burdubai-Jumeirah 1

Phone : 04-3520705


Timing : Saturday- Thursdays , 9:00Am – 9:00Pm

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