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Black Is The New Green At Detox Delight!

Dubai-based Detox Delight is bringing detoxing to the new level with the launch of a new range of detox drinks with Activated Charcoal, the first of its kind in the UAE. The best kept beauty secret; activated charcoal has a host of health benefits and is the latest must have in Hollywood! And no wonder, as this century old ingredient, which has been used in medicines for years, helps get rid of toxins and acids, as well as having effective antivirus and antibacterial properties.

A highly absorbent natural detoxifier that clings onto toxins, chemicals, cholesterol and other dangerous substances to remove them from the body, the activated charcoal mixed with lemon juice and cayenne is an excellent ‘morning flush’ that helps cleanse, alkalize and kick-start your metabolism for the day ahead. Activated by steam, the charcoal is non-carcinogenic and completely safe for consumption.

“Activated charcoal has been used in ancient recipes for centuries and its positive health benefits are overwhelming.” Says Detox Delight Co-Founder Nicole Junghaenel. “This beauty shot will perfectly complement our juices and detox programmes and will help flush out harmful toxins even quicker; the perfect way to kick start your detox! We always are watching health trends and looking out for the next big thing to add to our line of products, making sure we stay at the forefront of our sector in the UAE.”


As well as adding the beneficial Beauty Shot with Activated Charcoal to their line of 100% vegan, raw, sugar and preservative free organic detox programmes, Detox Delight are also introducing this special ingredient into some of their juices. Made in the UAE and available in three drinks, including Black Lemonade, Grey Nutmilk and Black Beauty Shot, this black detox miracle is set to take the UAE by storm.

For more information or to order your detox programme today head to the website www.detox-delight.ae