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Bleu Blanc: A Southern French Farmhouse Restaurant…

Located in the middle of the Dubai Water Canal, David Myer’s Bleu Blanc promises a fantastic view against the wooden fire grilled venue with its exotic French cuisine custom designed by the Michelin star chef…

The entrance has an impressive impact with an artistic display of a bicycle and classic blue and white decor of wild flowers and bouquets resembling that of a French countryside. The theme of the restaurant has a lot of blue marking respect to the French flag and Chef David Myer’s attention to detail adding personal touches in keeping with his brand.

To get to the main dining spot, one must take the elevator to the first floor and you are greeted by the restaurant manager to show you to your table. Unlike the ground floor, the interiors on the first floor are more wooden with a wooden fire grill being the focus of attention against a big bar table. The cutleries are especially fascinating as they’re either made of blue fine china or sheer crystal glass in a geometric pattern similar to that of the Cubism art movement of the early 20th century.

Once seated, you can enjoy the view of the newly opened Dubai Water Canal, set against an array of other 5 star hotels surrounding Business Bay. This venue is a perfect spot for business meetings.

The waitress shows us two menus, one being the business lunch and the other being the regular a la carte menu. We opted for the regular to try an array of options that are best sellers as we were dining at Bleu Blanc for the first time.

Our options were the signature Tomato Salad, a Rib-Eye Steak served with Mac and Cheese and a Kebab Plate. For desserts, we opted for a custom Black Forest Mud Cake.

The Rib-Eye Steak was truly delicious served medium rare and had a touch of herbal spice; it tasted very different from your regular American juicy steak. The rib eye was accompanied by the meat juices and a pale green salad.

The Mac and Cheese was wholesome on its own – the cheese melted in your mouth and there was a faint taste of cream too coinciding with the taste of the wheat from the pasta.

The dessert was definitely delicious and we relished the dark red cherries that fused with the chocolate shavings and cake bites. It seemed like David Myers has truly perfected the craft of pulling together every flavour within his signature French dessert. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

We ended our meal with their signature cappuccino and basked in the beauty of the venue one last time. It was a truly authentic French dining experience, plus, a celebrity chef never disappoints in delivering the perfect fresh flavours right out of the kitchen.

Our verdict: We highly recommend Bleu Blanc to all our readers. It’s worth being visited more than once.

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