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Bridal Bliss: Honeymoon Treatment at Remede Spa, St. Regis Abu Dhabi

HIM: It’s said that married life is supposed to take you great heights, and I couldn’t help thinking as we were whisked to the 49th floor of the St Regis, that we were on the right track. Not of course that I was actually on my honeymoon: that had happened some years earlier, during which, I watched most of the Football World Cup. It’s my tip to anybody who’ll listen: always get married during a World Cup year and honeymoon during the football, it’s a great way to kick off a marriage and you’ll always have something to watch during the afternoon.

The honeymoon treatment was certainly a game of two halves: first, the attritional element, during which coconut and honey were rubbed into our skin. First, we had been lain out on separate beds, and were treated by two different, very charming therapists. The room was as cold as a mother-in-law to begin with, but thanks to the heated bed and a brace of warm hands, things began to warm up!

Some exfoliating rubs can be rather excruciating, but this one wasn’t bad. After some time had passed and we were covered in the stuff, we were invited to wash it off. Then the massage began. The second half was altogether more pleasurable as relaxing oils were rubbed into my muscles, soothing music played, and the only thing to disturb us was the Red Bull planes trying out their turns on the Corniche below.

The familiar ‘pop’ of a bottle of bubbly woke me from my reveries. It is such a fabulous view from the Abu Dhabi Suite on the 49th floor that it’s almost a shame that one is blindfolded during the treatment. However, once it was over, we were invited to enjoy the Turkish bath, the sauna, and a Jacuzzi full of rose petals. Glass of bubbles in hand, I could almost fool myself this was a second honeymoon. The only thing missing was a penalty shoot-out!


HER: I have often wondered how to get into the Abu Dhabi Suite at the St Regis. It is the one you can see from the Corniche, the bit that bridges the two Nation Towers. So when I discovered that they offer a treatment there I booked it up immediately. There is nothing quite as relaxing as being pampered in one of the most expensive rooms in town!

I am already a regular client of the Remède Spa at the St Regis, I think their masseurs are utterly brilliant. My therapist for the treatment, a Balinese lady called Susy, was no exception. She had that lovely combination of firm but soft hands, and seemed to be able to get right into the deep tissue without causing too much pain.

I am delighted to say I dozed off a couple of times – I really don’t feel I’ve had my money’s worth unless I get a quick kip in – but I was awake for more than long enough to enjoy the honey and coconut scrub before a pair of heavenly furry slippers were slipped on my feet and I was guided into a shower that is the size of my bathroom at home to wash off the scrub. I had a bit of trouble with the taps, managing at one stage to spray my husband in the face (not terribly romantic) but was soon back on my heated bed ready for more pampering.

This is the kind of treatment that you really can relax into. After the main event you are invited to enjoy the sauna, steam-bath and a Jacuzzi with rose petals and rose water. While my husband hopped from steam to bath, I sipped my bubbles and was given an extra neck and shoulder massage by the other therapist Mariani, who rather sweetly thought I still looked a tad stressed!

I can safely say stressed was one thing I was not by the time we left.  I had to practically drag my husband away, who insisted on keeping the furry slippers and has promised to wear them on our anniversary!

Remède Spa at The St. Regis Abu Dhabi at Nation Towers offers couples an indulgent getaway with the revitalizing Romantic package, priced at AED 1750++ per couple. Masseurs will guide couples on a private, two-hour journey including a sweet organic honey and coconut scrub, a 50 minute massage and a sunset toast in the grand Abu Dhabi Suite, situated between the Nation Towers, 200 meters above the Corniche. Inside the world’s highest suspended hotel suite, guests will enjoy exclusive access to the private VIP spa treatment area, complete with a sauna, a steam room, and Jacuzzi. Couples can book their escape by calling +97126944100 or e-mailing remede.abudhabi@stregis.com.