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Bukhara at Kempinski Hotel Ajman Shows Live IPL Cricket Matches

Bukhara, the signature Indian restaurant at Kempinski Hotel Ajman, is showing live Indian Premier League cricket matches daily, starting with the opening on 7 April.
Bukhara offers dining guests a sophisticated yet totally ethnic experience – a journey starting with the ambience of the restaurant with its rough stone walls, flooring hung with hand-sewn carpets and copper pots and urns. The menu is painted on a block of wood. The view of the kitchen with its busy chefs adds to the warmth of the restaurant. The cuisine is different yet delightfully old-fashioned and specialises in authentic central Asian dishes with a distinct flavour and aroma. Mainly cooked in the Tandoor (a clay oven fired by charcoal fire), the dishes offer a different image of Indian cuisine.

Chef Manoj, the head chef of Bukhara explains, “This is the second time in a row that we are showing cricket matches live in our restaurant. The last time was in 2014 during the ICC 2020, where our initiative created a very positive buzz among the Indian people who came to enjoy the matches together with their friends and families. Our utmost aim is to please all the guests, and right before the IPL tournament, people were asking if we were organising that again. It shows that the guests are interested and we are happy to contribute to their entertainment together with a culinary experience. For that matter, two LCD screens were brought into Bukhara and the restaurant is extending its opening hours on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:30pm until midnight.” He added that all of the food that is served is an experience on its own because it changes daily. There will be a specially designed IPL a la carte menu based on the teams that are playing. For example, during the Chennai Super Kings match, the food is only from the Southern regions.” The Bukhara team is very flexible in terms of reservations and hosting bigger groups. “There is no challenge to prepare food personally tailored to guest’s needs and accommodating large parties with only a couple of days notice.”
Gather your friends and join us until 24 May at Bukhara to enjoy a sumptuous, very rare menu of traditional Indian food from around the region, along with entertainment from the world’s best cricket teams.