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Business Lunch At Gaucho – A Culinary Treat…

Every day is a business lunch day at Gaucho and its delicious menu is wholesome and filling for anyone who loves a good old fashioned steak and corn meal… Read on to find out why KM chose to try the Business Lunch at Gaucho.

The Business Lunch is a perfect lunch plan for a working day. Whether you’re holding a private meeting or dining with colleagues, you won’t be disappointed. Known for its cowboy themed wholesome steak platters and delicious parmesan filled corn mashed potatoes, this unique restaurant offers the best Argentinian steaks in town.

The Business lunch consisted of Salmon Carpaccio, Braised Beef Back Ribs, Provolone and Onion Empanada, and Torn Mozarella for starters.
The Salmon Carpaccio was truly the star of the starters as it was a perfect light intro before a heavy main course. Another favourite was the Provolone and Onion Empanada as it was a burst of fresh flavors from the salty provolone and melted caramelized onions in a pastry casing..

For the main course we were served Bife de Chorizo, Truffle and Mushroom Risotto, Gaucho Burger and Lobster Tacos.
Before starting off with the main course, we were shown a large raw beef platter of what we would be served in terms of meat. Gaucho makes it a point to show their customers the style and origin of their high quality beef to market themselves as a unique steak outlet specializing in sustainable and fresh meat.
Kicking off with the Bife de Chorizo, a sirloin meat served with French fries or salad as a side option, it was irresistibly juicy and tender to the touch and simply melted in the mouth. It was cooked to absolute perfection and we savoured the flavours of the assorted condiments served as an accompaniment while relishing the huge steak.
Our absolute favourite was the Gaucho Burger as it had the perfect medium cooked juicy beef patty served with a large dose of cheddar cheese and a brush of chipotle chutney to make the flavours come alive. The French fries on the side were smooth and tall brushed with a generous dose of parmesan and salt. Truly a unique fast food experience!

The Truffle and Mushroom risotto was presented in a white bowl and appeared completely black due to the colouration of the truffle. At first, we were shocked by the edgy colour but upon taste, it was a wholesome experience as both the truffle and mushroom added a unique ring to the classic Italian dish.
The Lobster Taco is something we would skip if we had to go back and rewind our experience as it overfilled us and we didn’t feel there was much chemistry in the mix of flavours used; coriander mayo, red onion and iceberg lettuce.
We sealed the lunch with a delicious slice of the restaurant’s classic Dulce De Leche cheesecake and coffee and bid our farewell with hopes of coming back once more….

Our final verdict: The business lunch is addictive! We know this as we kept coming back for more of it. Thus, we highly recommend it.

More Information
The Business lunch is served Sunday to Thursday from 12 pm to 3 pm. It costs 130 AED per person. For reservations, call: 04 422 7898.