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C House Milano Opens up In Jebel Ali Recreation Club Offering Mouthwatering Fresh Milanese Cuisine

Jebel Ali Recreation Club has been an old hang out spot for the people of UAE for many years. When it reopened, it brought back nostalgic memories of fun activities and delicious al fresco dining unlike we have seen anywhere in Dubai.

When we visited this exciting and much revered venue for the first time, it looked like a hidden gem out of sight from the rest of the city of Dubai. The Jebel Ali Recreation Club’s dining spot looks like a cubicle inspired by Roman architecture modernized with well branded restaurants and a whole host of activities for people to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Our preferred dining destination of the evening was C House Milano with its modern furniture accommodating 60 diners with a private D-J booth and heavy duty surround sounds for exterior diners. Originally a coffee specialty, C House in Dubai has extended its menu to offer food and other beverages besides being masters of coffee.

We chose to sit outside to soak up the infectious atmosphere of the neighbouring restaurants and to relax and enjoy a sheesha for the evening, which enhanced our experience.
The waiters were attentive and music played to help us get into the vibe of the club. The menu was great and there was a lot to choose from. Our pick of the evening included the truffle risotto, a Panini sandwich wrap, a Milanese pizza and delicious cheesecake and of course, the sheesha.

The Risotto along with added truffles was beautifully cooked and tasted wholesome from the first bite. By the time we got to the pizza, we were fully satisfied. Like every other Italian cuisine, C house Milano met our expectations with generous portions of fresh parmesan and cream in every culinary choice of ours. Delicious and wholesome, one plate for two people goes a long way.
What perked our mood was the brand’s signature coffee that had heavy cream and delicious espresso topping made more expressive with coffee art. The whole venue and the evening vibe were outstanding. We loved every moment of the time that we had at the venue along with the signature dishes and great service offered by the staff.

Our final verdict: We highly recommend a trip to the Jebel Ali Recreation Club and C House Milano for Italian food lovers. A decadent establishment with great food to offer, it is a once in a lifetime experience for all.

More Information
Address: Jebel Ali Village, H Road – Dubai

For Bookings, call 04 880 3320.