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Carbon 12’s 6th Consecutive Year At Art Dubai 2015

Carbon 12 will be participating for its 6th consecutive year in the 2015 edition of Art Dubai. They will be representing their group of artists in Booth A23 with a statement of the gallery’s comprehensive program in accordance with their objectives to continuously introduce novelty to the region’s art scene for and relevant to the local and international audience of Art Dubai.

For this edition, Carbon 12 will be exhibiting new and exciting works by Sara Rahbar, selected artist- 56th Venice Biennial (Iranian National Pavilion), Gil Heitor Cortesão with a mesmerizing multi-panel painting, Anahita Razmi’s appropriation of an iconic artwork of the 20th century, James Clar and his digitization of a human figure into a light sculpture, Ghazel’s drawings from the Phoenix series, Michael Sailstorfer with a sculptural work from the mask-series, and finally for the first time in the region conceptual painter Daniel Rich.

Art Dubai 2015 runs from 18-21 March, 2015 For more information, visit: http://artdubai.ae/exhibitor-info