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Celebrate Mother’s Day With Carolina Herrera’s New Camelot Bag

“Don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment, that was known as Camelot,

It is said that in 1960, a song from the famous musical CAMELOT helped President Kennedy himself fall asleep at night. Broadway had taken the legend of the King Arthur and his glorious reign, and the president, as the youngest man to be elected, became its icon.

Inspired by this marvelous tale and in the hidden meaning of this historic duality, the CAMELOT collection becomes a unique object, which, like the mythical castle, hides a great history within it.

The artisanal creation of its geometric and contemporary cut, however, follows more traditional techniques. It is state of the art and classic at the same time, two concepts that are not always incompatibles.

CAMELOT is presented in various versions with different types of skin, fabrics and tonalities. Olimpo and Goya, leathers that are already emblematic of CH Carolina Herrera, are combined with different finishings and colors. Two handles allow carrying the bag in 3 positions, offering complete functionality.

Its size, apparently small, in reality has a great capacity, thanks to its lateral silhouette with a pyramidal shape that becomes rectangular with a single movement. Its sole adornment is a metal bar on a flap that brings luminosity and gives it an even more modern appearance.

Sophisticated, simple, and perfect, both for day and for night.