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Chloé, La Vie En Roses!

Freedom, modernity and femininity… In 2008, Chloé imagined a unique rose, luminous and fresh, full of grace. it was so distinctive that it instantly became the maison’s olfactory signature. This one-of-a-kind flower perfectly reflects the delicacy and natural elegance that make Chloe’s creations highly desirable.

The Chloé rose has many faces. over the last eight years, it inspired many interpretations, exploring different dimensions of the flower’s scent while remaining instantly recognisable.

Today, a new variation on this iconic rose graces chloé’s garden: Chloé fleur de parfum. It tells a completely new olfactory story and highlights the flower’s heart, the source of its richest and softest scent. Chloé fleur de parfum is a pure concentrate of skin-deep sensuality.

At the heart of flowers

Chloé fleur de parfum is a generous bouquet exclusively composed of the most tender and quintessential part of flowers, their hearts. Master perfumers Michel al Mairac and Mylène Alran artfully combined those to create an exclusive fragrance. The fundamental note comes from the rose heart. surprisingly, it unfolds slightly tangy inflexions that recall the scent of raspberry. Never before had Chloé’s rose displayed such fruity tonalities.

The heart of verbena flower adds a fresh and luminous verdant dimension that sublimates the luxurious rose heart while retaining an absolute delicacy.

The heart of cherry blossom diffuses milky almond notes. Filled with sweetness, they bring roundness to the composition. A subtle combination of elegance and sensuality, the new fleur de parfum feels like the touch of soft silk on bare skin.

Ivory beige dress code

A new shade for an icon… Fleur de parfum remains faithful to the iconic bottle of the Chloé signature line. the ivory beige perfume is tinged with a touch of pink. This delicate hue has always been part of the Chloé dna. It can be glimpsed through the glass of the bottle and is mirrored on the ribbon tied by hand to its neck.

This luxurious canvas retains its characteristic appearance: the geometric shape, the silvery metal tag, the smooth oval cap and the delicately pleated glass perfectly reflect chloé’s sense of elegance.

The face of grace

Since fall 2015, actress and model Dree Hemingway has been the face of chloé’s fragrances.

For the new fleur de parfum, she was shot by inez and vinoodh. Their striking black-and-white photograph is a perfect embodiment of the Chloé spirit. Through a modern and minimalist portrait, it manifests all the softness and charm of fleur de parfum, tenderly blending femininity and sensuality. Authentic, her hair unbound, Dree fully embodies the Chloé girls spririt: delicate, elegant and effortlessly seductive. Irresistibly natural.

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50ML – 390AED

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POS: Available in major perfumeries and department stores