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Clarins’ 2014 Shaping Facial Lift: Total V Contouring Serum

The beauty equation according to Jacques Courtin-Clarins: A Youthful Face = Youthful Skin + Youthful Features

Thanks to Shaping Facial Lift­, every day the face is more refined, visibly tighter and younger-looking with perfect contours… The skin is fresher, more beautiful.

Shaping Facial Lift: a success story for 15 years

The extraordinary success of a pioneering skin care
In 1999, Clarins, the specialist in Institute treatments using plant extracts, launched Contouring Facial Lift­. A pioneering skin care developed thanks to the comments of Asian women who, during treatments at Clarins Institute in Paris, shared their major beauty concern: to refine their face. Shaping Facial Lift is the effective solution to refine and enhance facial features where excess fat and puffiness are located, mainly on the cheeks and under the chin.

The ultimate refining serum which is continuously improved
Exclusively designed for Asian women and tested by them, this avant-garde skin care remains at the cutting edge. Clarins does this by listening to women, to give them what they need, and by incorporating the latest scientific advances from Clarins Research combined with an in-depth expertise regarding their facial morphology.

In 2014, the possibility of a face with perfect contours
Today, in collaboration with independent Asian experts, Clarins goes even further in facial refining performance and, beyond the natural roundness of the Asian face, also takes into account the changes in women’s lifestyles. The change in eating habits has a direct impact on the physiognomy of the face, leading to additional heaviness of facial features. The oval loses its definition and excess products present in tissues accumulate and skin loses its firmness.

New generation Shaping Facial Lift
Thanks to an innovative dual approach based on the needs of women and on recent scientific knowledge, targeting both natural facial roundness and additional excess roundness, Clarins Research has developed the new Total V Contouring Power. Formulated with rigorously selected plant extracts, it helps to release excess fat, drain excess fluids and preserve firmer facial contours. Taking it one step closer to excellence…

The additional beauty actions of Shaping Facial Li­ft


An immediate “lift” e‰ffect and moisturization
In addition to its effective refining action, Shaping Facial Lift­ also delivers two other benefits:

1. an immediate “lift­” effect thanks to organic oat sugars. These plant sugars obtained from the plant’s kernel have an exceptional ability to tighten the skin’s microrelief. Facial features appear “li­fted”, with no feeling of discomfort or a frozen look;

2. a moisturizing action thanks to the presence of betaine, a natural moisturizing factor of the skin.

An exceptional texture with an immediate “lift” effect

Fine, comfortable and featherlight, the texture of Shaping Facial Li­ft brings an immediate feeling of well-being. Its unique, fresh feel instantly enhances the “lift” effect. It perfectly tightens skin texture and leaves skin incredibly soft­ and silky-smooth.