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Clarins Introduces 3 Scented Hand and Nail Treatment Creams

Clarins has always cared for the hands, which are constantly exposed to harsh environmental factors and ageing, to keep them youthful, beautiful and comfortable. A cult beauty product for over 30 years, Hand and Nail Treatment Cream is a highly effective, complete skin care which nourishes, smooths, regenerates and beautifies the hands and nails.

Today, Clarins celebrates this success and launches a collection of 3 limited editions, adding three subtle fragrances to the legendary formula of Hand and Nail Treatment Cream: orange leaf, white tea leaf and fig leaf.

The three new scented versions of the original legendary formula of Hand and Nail Treatment Cream offer the irresistible combination of three subtle fragrances with a unique beauty care, to keep hands looking youthful and beautiful all the way to the fingertips.

They are:

Orange leaf
Called the “golden apple” in Greek mythology, the orange is a symbol of wealth and fertility. The deliciously sweet fragrance of orange leaf is known for its relaxing properties.

White tea leaf
Gentle, exquisite white tea leaf is of a rare purity. Its fragrance gives a fresh, delicate quality to the cream.

Fig leaf
Evocative of the Mediterranean sun, fig leaf is a pure expression of the tree in full leaf at the height of summer. Its sunny, vibrant fragrance is also reminiscent of cool, woody shade.

Invisible, scented beauty gloves.
Fine, smooth and non-oily, Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Creams do not leave hands feeling greasy and do not stain. They are easy to apply and quickly absorbed.
Their benefits?
They soften, protect, moisturize, reduce the look of dark spots and
strengthen the nails, while leaving hands pleasantly scented. The Creams deliver a host of benefits to ensure hands are always flawless, soft and smooth.
Clarins Research has formulated the Creams using a number of plant extracts carefully selected for their effective actions:
– the combination of organic sesame oil, unsaponifiables of shea and mulberry extract not only help to soften, moisturize and protect against various harmful factors (cold weather, hard water, chapping)
and ageing, but also help reduce the look of dark spots.
– manioc root extract helps reduce feelings of damp palms,
– myrrh extract encourages the hydration of newly formed keratin
and in this way helps condition and beautify the nails. While they are constantly exposed to the harmful effects of repeated washing,
it restores their natural strength.
Discover their new small tubes!
Handy and easy to use, the new 30ml tubes, with their pretty leaf prints, make this essential daily skin care step nothing less than a daily beauty experience. All good reasons to take care of your hands even more often, to leave them looking and feeling softer and more beautiful, day after day!