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Clarins Launches Sunkissed Summer Bronzing and Lip Oils

LIMITED EDITION: Bronzing and Blush Compact

The sun in a compact, with skin care benefits

To warm the complexion, this powder comes in a harmony of three matte shades and an iridescent coral blush shade. Arranged in the form of a setting sun, they ensure ultra-easy, tailor-made application. Pure sun, in a brushstroke!

Light-Optimizing+ complex

Soft focus pigments combined with pearls, visibly minimize wrinkles and imperfections through an optical effect, giving a luminous, radiant complexion.


A FILMOGENIC ACTION: By forming a film on the skin surface, it limits evaporation of moisture and helps protect skin from dehydration.

MOISTURE RESERVOIR: It acts on one of the skin’s natural hydration mechanisms, NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor), to encourage optimal and continuous moisturization. The skin stays supple and comfortable.

Clarins anti-pollution complex

Extracts of white tea and nipplewort help to defend the skin against the harmful effects of pollution and free radicals which are both responsible for premature ageing and loss of radiance.

Lip Comfort Oil
At last, oil that takes care of your lips!
(Ready to kiss?)

Beautiful colour and delicious fragrances… discover the complete collection of 7 modern, “pop” coloured lip oils.

All the comfort of an oil to gently colour your lips, enhancing their natural beauty.

01 Honey
02 Raspberry
03 Red Berry
04 Candy
05 Tangerine
06 Mint
07 Honey Glam

7 shades directly inspired by Nature.

7 oils with addictive, fruity fragrances that promote exquisite pleasure upon application.

7 beauty “elixirs” that offer absolute comfort and an ultra-glossy colour result.

Oil is at the heart of Clarins expertise. Just over 60 years ago, Clarins introduced the now-iconic Face and Body Oils based on 100% pure plant extracts. They were Clarins very first products. This unique expertise is the brand’s very foundation. It’s what encouraged Clarins Laboratories to develop a lip oil in the first place, one rich in botanical extracts to nourish and enhance more beautiful- looking lips. Today, this innovative approach continues with the introduction of these new shades. Each colour was formulated with the same passion and high demands regarding overall product quality.

My “to do” list for the week

Take care of my lips
A nourishing cocktail of 2 botanical oils- hazelnut and organic jojoba – is found in every bottle and is blended with a specific oil per shade: Mirabelle plum, raspberry, annatto, amaranth, buriti, shea and macadamia. All of the benefits of these natural extracts along with a hearty texture work to soothe, comfort and nourish lips, each and every day.

Get a makeover
Lip Comfort Oil is now available in 7 “pop” shades that fuse perfectly with the lips and deliver high shine results. Thanks to an intelligent pigment, shades 04 candy and 05 tangerine interact with the lip’s natural pH and o‹er truly personalized results. Your lips are luminous and deliciously more beautiful!

Schedule some “me” time!
Thanks to its fine, lip-hugging texture that never feels sticky or oily, each lip oil o‹ers a moment of pleasure and incomparable softness, just for you. For enhanced sensoriality, the soft sponge applicator glides over the lips e‹ortlessly and hugs them like a caress. Easy to use, it allows for adaptable glossy results.

Part lip care, part make-up: Clarins Lip Comfort Oil offers colour, nutrition, high shine and all the delicious pleasure of a lip gloss, in just one bottle.

More Information
Prices: Bronzer AED 210; Lip Oils: AED 100
Instagram: @clarinsmiddleeast Facebook: www.facebook.com/clarinsmiddleeast Website: www.clarins.com