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Clarins: New Mascara Supra Volume

Immediate Double Volume Effect!

Clarins has reinvented its volumizing mascara: one mascara, two make-up and lash care “volume” effects.

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Instant volume: 87.6%* of women find their lashes are instantly fuller.

A volumizing cocktail of plant waxes
At the heart of the formula, carnauba and cassie flower wax form a film that coats and shapes each lash, leaving them perfectly supple, for exceptional immediate and long-lasting volume**.

* Satisfaction test – 90 women ** Shade 01 intense black

The brush completes the formula’s volumizing action
Featuring ultra-supple fibres, it gently hugs lashes to perfection, evenly applying intense clump-free colour. No lash is missed thanks to its conical tip that slides into the inner and outer corners of the eye.

The brush grips lashes well: 92.2%*

The brush ensures generous distribution on application for maximum deposit of mascara: 85.6%*

* Satisfaction test – 90 women ** Shade 01 intense black

One colour, intense pigments
Its formula** concentrated in carbon black and ultramarine pigments offers a spectacular intense colour effect. Lashes appear even thicker.

After application, lashes are visibly very black: 94.3%*

* Satisfaction test – 90 women ** Shade 01 intense black

Proven “lash-thickening” effectiveness*
Clarins Laboratories have developed a new “Volume booster” complex: an unprecedented combination of key ingredients that help thicken lashes. With repeated application, your lashes increase in volume. Lashes are also strengthened through the action of the panthenol contained in the formula.

*Clinical study: evaluation of the lash care effect on bare lashes – 30 women – 4 weeks

Key Ingredients

(Copernicus Cerifera)

Carnauba is a wax derived from a powder found in the leaves of the wax palm tree that grows in North-East Brazil. It is extracted via the powder that is removed from the leaves. Carnauba wax is used in cosmetics for its filmogenic properties, creating fuller lashes. Carnauba powder provides comfort to eyelids.

Cassie flower
(Acacia farnesiana)
Native to tropical regions of America and now found almost everywhere in the world, cassie is a bushy shrub whose yellow-orange pompom-shaped flowers give off a strong mimosa scent. Highly prized in fine perfumery, the flowers are also in demand in cosmetics for the wax extracted from them, which is used for its protective, filmogenic and smoothing properties.

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