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Clarins Presents Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm

A burst of flowers and petals, an irresistible candy flavour, the pampering feel of a beauty-enhancing, caring lip balm… The 2016 version of Clarins Lovely Lip Balm celebrates the joys of summer, captivating all the senses. 

What if Lovely Lip Balm could awaken all our senses, offering a feast of wonderful sensations for the eyes, taste buds and lips, to make spring even more delightful? Thanks to Clarins, it can.

In 2016, the new brightly coloured packaging of Lovely Lip Balm will enchant every eye, while its ultra-sensorial formula will continue
to delight all lips. In addition to providing immediate and long-lasting comfort (8 hours of hydration), Lovely Lip Balm leaves lips soft, smooth and fuller-looking, with a subtle rosy radiance and
pampers them with its irresistible candy flavour.

We have 5 reasons to use Lovely Lip Balm without moderation:

  1. A lip care formula enriched with a nourishing and moisturizing cocktail of ingredients:
    organic cocoa butter and shea oil nourish and help repair lips, while a lip-plumping active ingredient and organic redcurrant extract leave lips smoother and fuller-looking.
  2. An “intelligent” pigment:
    it reacts to the pH of the lips to bring out their natural colour and enhance them with a unique rosy radiance.
  3. Pure pleasure for lips:
    a smooth, melting texture and a fruity fragrance with a hint of         peach, for a totally irresistible lip balm.
  4. An organic and ecological commitment:
    Eco-designed packaging with brightly coloured petals and flowers to evoke the joys of spring and organic ingredients in line with Clarins commitment to “Responsible Beauty”.
  5. Proven effectiveness.
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