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Clarisonic Mia FIT: Launch And Review

The latest device comes in a compact size that fits your bag and enables you to maintain beautiful skin wherever you go.

Earlier this month, KM was invited for the exclusive preview of the Clarisonic Mia FIT at Zero Gravity club. Having tried, used and loved the classic full size cleansing device that was launched a few years ago, the Mia FIT looked like a promising revamped edition of the already successful Aria device. The Mia FIT remains true to its much loved and popular cleansing technology that Clarisonic Aria is known for and the only change we see is in the form of packaging. Mia FIT is small, rounded, portable, and lightweight. You can travel with the device to the gym or to another country without any hassle and it fits easily in the palm of your hands.

Like the classic Aria, the Mia FIT has two settings to cover every cleansing need:

Setting 1:  60-second Delicate Cleanse to remove everyday impurities

Setting 2: 80-second Power Cleanse i.e. over 50% more powerful than Delicate Cleanse, for after workouts or long-wear makeup removal.

What is the purpose of the Clarisonic cleansing device?

In an age where women barely find time out of their busy schedules and in a region like the Middle East where women are always looking glamorous right through a day in the office into the small hours, finding a convenient replacement to hand cleansing saves time and helps in getting rid of impurities 6 times more effectively than a regular hand cleansing and toning routine.

“People embrace the latest innovations in every aspect of their life, so why not think twice about what you’re using to cleanse your skin?” says Dr. Robb Akridge, co-founder and global president of Clarisonic. “Wash cloths and hands have been used to cleanse skin for generations because people still believe that these outdated routines deliver great results. Every Clarisonic device, including our new Mia FIT, provides a better, more effective way to have clean, soft and healthy-looking skin.”


Tried and Tested

When we tried it, it cleansed our skin to the max in a minute unlike a traditional 10 minute makeup removal routine using cleanser and toner. Our pores looked clean and there was no sign of any residual makeup when wiped with a wet cotton pad. After a couple of days, we didn’t receive breakouts or any common skin issue which would otherwise be expected  when one is prone to wearing makeup everyday. This was a life changing skincare routine.

The Bonus

The new Mia FIT also features the Radiance Brush Head with smooth, soft bristles that delivers a luxurious and effective cleansing experience. This unique and patented brush head is velvety-soft and helps to improve skin texture. Every Mia FIT sold also includes the Skin Illuminating Cleanser that is formulated with Licorice Root extract, Peppermint Leaf extract and Gingko Biloba Leaf extract to provide a more radiant complexion.

The Drawback

The brush has to be changed every 3 months if you are incorporating it regularly in your skincare routine. If you are seldom using it, then the brush can last for as long as 6 months. The gadget itself promises two years warranty.

More Information
Clarisonic Mia FIT retails for AED 850 and can be purchased from any outlet of Sephora in the Middle East.