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Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage: Lancaster Multi-Repairing Hair Serum

An unprecedented hair care ritual

Hair Multi -Repairing Oil Serum - Packshot AED110

Often forgotten in summer, hair is nonetheless left extremely fragile by repeated sun exposure along with daily contact with chlorine or sea salt. As well as offering it optimal protection from the sun, chlorine and salt with Multi Protective Hair Spray, Lancaster is introducing a new step. An oil-in-serum that takes emergency action to revive the hair fibre in just one minute: Sun Beauty Multi Oil repair.

Instant repair

Designed to work in just one minute, this unprecedented formula contains precious oils renowned for their repairing power. In addition to argan oil that helps to deeply nourish and hydrate the hair fibre, inca inchi oil coats each hair cuticle, closing its scales.

An oil-in-serum

Applied to the lengths of dry or wet hair, Sun Beauty Multi Oil Repair offers a highly sensory feel and rapid absorption. And, as always, that inimitable scent that evokes far-off destinations and a well-deserved rest.

Damage induced by sun exposure, wind, salt, chlorine…

It is well known that salt, chlorine can make your hair damage and bleach your hair, making them brittle and dull. And with wind, they become tangled and break even more easily. Sunlight can also damage your hair by amplifying bleaching. Moreover, Lancaster established infrared rays amplified the detrimental effect of UVs on skin. All these conditions apply when you are on holiday.

Repairing ingredients:

This repairing hair serum combines two vegetable oils: Argan oil and Inca inchi oil specifically selected for their nourishing and repairing properties on hair. Just after 1 minute, hair is repaired: split ends closed, hair seems more supple and looks magnificent!

More Information
Available in pharmacies and perfumeries. AFTER SUN HAIR OIL REPAIR 100ml: AED 110, 8.700 KD, 112 QR, 33 USD (Leb), 31 USD (Egy)