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Dark Privilège Bourjois – Eyes Go Ultra-Black!

Black is black!
But not when it comes to make-up…
There’s black and then there’s… Ultra-black!
With Dark Privilège, the ultra-black range by Bourjois, dare to be extravagant!

To be discovered…

New Twist up the Volume Ultra Black Edition Mascara


Intensity, length and oversized volume…
You already know Twist up the Volume Mascara, but now you can find it in an extraordinarily intense Ultra-Black version…

Ultra-Black formula…
Black pigments strengthen the formula for a deep and dark make-up result, all in ultra-black. More pure, dark and powerful, these pigments create an intense and vibrant black that lasts
all day long.

Twist 2-in-1 brush…
Thanks to its two-position brush, Twist up the Volume Mascara lengthens, separates and coats lashes for an ultra-complete result.
Position 1: the bristles are spaced out and offer optimal length and separation
Position 2: the bristles are close together to maximise the amount of mascara and produce even more volume and intensity.
Twist up the Volume Ultra Black Edition Mascara AED 84

New Ultra-Black Liner Brush

High intensity Ultra-Black
An even more intense liquid formula means this Liner Brush offers a denser line with the same ideal curve and lasts up to 16 hours!
Ultra-Black Liner Brush AED 72

New Ultra-Black Liner Pen


Ultra-precise Ultra-Black…
Thanks to its
ultra-precise retractable point and its ultra-soft and ultra-intense texture, the Ultra-Black Liner Pen is just as easy to use as a pencil! In addition to being long-wearing, it also offers a saturated shade of black.
Ultra-Black Liner Pen AED 41

To be rediscovered: Bourjois’s best-sellers in Ultra-Black…

Ultra-Black Felt-Tip Liner

The high-precision felt-tip liner… For a well-defined and precise result. With this liner, black is ultra-black and lasts up to 24h!
Ultra-Black Felt-Tip Liner AED 82

Ultra-Black Mega Liner

A felt-tip liner with a wide angled tip for thin or thick graphic lines. Ultra black for extra drama and lasts up to 24 hours!
Ultra-Black Mega Liner AED 81

Smoky Pencil Ultra Black

The double-ended pencil to be smudged and blended for an ultra-intense smoky result!
Smoky Pencil Ultra Black AED 41