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Dark Spot Correctors and Sun Damage Control

Even when using UVA/UVB protection, for those of us who make a habit of enjoying the sun more than our daily recommended dose of Vitamin D would suggest, unwanted side effects such as premature aging and pigmentation are the cosmetic price we have to pay for it in the long run. Luckily for us, the beauty industry are on it and there are many clinically proven creams and serums to help prevent and mitigate this damage. KM takes a closer look at a few of our favourites so far. 

ar457 Metaserum Elixir 
ar457 Metaserum Elixir

Argan oil is the natural focus of ar457 skincare line and the key to its virtuous code: ‘ar’ for argan, ‘4’ for 4 tocopherols, ‘5’ for 5 phytosterols and ‘7’ for 7 bio-molecules.  Argan oil is a very rare and precious oil, which has been used for centuries by the Berber tribes of Morocco.  It is made up of tocopherols, which are natural antioxidants, and therefore essential in preventing the skin’s ageing process and the formation of wrinkles. With the discovery of its potent qualities in recent times, experts have named argan oil as the biggest beauty breakthrough of the 21st century.  

Favoured by the likes of Kylie Minogue and her make-up artist (whose clients also include Holly Valance, Minnie Driver and Jamiroquai), ar457 Metaserum Elixir is a powerful serum that produces a spectacular lifting effect on your face and neck, bringing firmness and elasticity back to your skin. Contained in a beautiful glass bottle, the serum is infused with highly-concentrated active ingredients such as pure argan oil and a powerful complex of nutritive natural ingredients for anti-ageing and for inhibiting skin problems.  The serum can even double up as a rescue serum for unexpected spots, minor burns, splitting nails and dry hair lengths. Price: AED 455. Available through www.basharacare.com.

Philosophy Brighten My Day All-Over Skin Perfecting Brightening Essence

Brighten My Day All-Over skin Perfecting Brightening Essence

Philosophy’s Brighten My Day All-Over Skin Perfecting Brightening Essence, is designed not only to reduce dark spots, but also to act on enlarged and darkened pores and diminish redness to achieve radiantly bright, flawlessly beautiful skin. The refreshingly light textured serum glides on to be effortlessly absorbed into the skin leaving it soft, silky and able to breathe – perfect for the hot Summer months.AED 325 for 30ml. Exclusively available at Sephora.

Philosophy Brighten My Day Expert Dark Spot and Pore Whitening Peel Pen

Brighten My Day Dark Spot & Pore Whitening Peel Pen

This targeted high performance solution visibly brightens skin pigmentation, helps exfoliate skin and make dark spots and enlarged and darkened pores look less visible day after day. It features Philosophy’s breakthrough 10.3.3 brightening & perfecting complex, along with glycolic acid, a gold standard ingredient in peeling procedures, for enhanced efficacy to inspire radiantly bright, more even and beautiful skin. The results? Dark spots are less visible and pores are refined; skin becomes brighter and more radiant with daily use. AED 225. Exclusively available at Sephora. 




Guerlain Abeille Royale Dark Spot Corrector and Pore Minimiser

Abeille Royale Dark Spot Corrector


Guerlain’s research found that glabradin (from plant origin) brightens skin, whilst honey and royal jelly boost the skins repair processes and by blending these three key ingredients together, Guerlain created  the Whitening Royal Concentrate. Guerlain has incorporated this powerful brightening accelerator at the heart of a new multi- corrective serum with an unprecedented texture, which acts simultaneously as a ‘surface healer’ to refine pores and recreate the texture, smoothness and evenness of flawless skin: Dark Spot Corrector Pore Minimizer.

The new Dark Spot Corrector Pore Minimizer offers powerful action on dark spot correction, combined with a refining action that helps to tighten pores. To retexturise the skin’s surface and immediately reduce pore visibility, its formula is enriched in refining and smoothing powders that create a ‘surface healing effect’, improving the skin’s texture and leaving the complexion more even and luminous. The added bonus of the fresh floral fragrance makes this a beauty indulgence you’ll look forward to morning and night. AED 615. 

Morjana Radiance Elixir

Morjana Products


Offer Your skin a real concentrate of radiance. This divine rose scented Elixir combines two highly performing ingredients – Dermawhite and precious Argan oil – that work together to reduce pigmentation, prevent melanin formation and restore the elasticity of the skin. Your complexion is left even and radiant, age spots are visibly reduced. You recover a new skin, softer and brighter and rejuvenated. AED 171. Available from Collection Privé, Email: info@collectionprive.com 



Editor’s Pick

Guerlain Super Aqua Serum BB Hydra+

Guerlain Super Aqua-Serum BB Hydra+

If BB Creams are becoming increasingly popular, it is because they meet a real need: the precise synthesis between skincare and make-up. However, many do not live up to their skincare promise and are not sufficiently moisturising to be worn alone.

This is certainly not true for Guerlain’s latest addition to their cult skincare range, Super Aqua Serum. BB Hydra+ offers the power of a serum in a BB cream. Infused with Super Aqua Serum, its unique formula concentrates Aquacomplex cell purification technology for intense, instant and lasting hydration. In addition to SPF 25 protection for daytime use, the formula incorporates a broad-spectrum shield, which offers sun protection against all UV rays, especially and particularly against long UVA rays that penetrate most deeply into the skin and are therefore the most dangerous. Day after day, the skin is more resistant to dehydration factors.

In an invisible alchemy, a light texture and natural shades merge with the skin to create the perfect blend in two intensities: ‘light’ for fair to medium skin tones and ‘medium’ for medium to dark skin tones. Intensely hydrated and protected, the skin immediately and lastingly recovers its natural perfection; the complexion is smooth and even, glowing with youth and beauty. AED 340 for 40ml.