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Diva Abaya Couture Launches in Dubai

Diva Abaya Couture, Dubai’s latest luxury boutique specializing in fashionable abaya couture is now open in Wafi Mall. The launch event took place on Monday 31st October, showcasing the brand’s latest collection and was attended by regional fashion and lifestyle media who left armed with their very own custom made abaya, courtesy of Diva.

With over 40 years of experience in the textile industry, Diva Abaya Couture specializes in creating unique abaya designs that take inspiration from the latest fashion and fabric trends from around the world. Each collection is made up of a selection of abayas created in a limited production run in select sizes that aren’t repeated in future collections. This ensures a unique product that truly resonates and caters to the trendy and modern Middle Eastern woman who is fashion savvy but keeps her traditions at heart.

This seasonal collection consists of 150 beautifully crafted pieces using a range of high-end sumptuous fabrics and materials including lace dentelle, raw silk and hand-beaded embroidery fabrics. The designs also feature very detailed embroidery, Swarovski crystal work and hand embellishment. The results are a testament to the skill of the Diva Abaya Couture in-house design team, as the embellishment work on each abaya can take up to two days to complete. Diva Abaya Couture is also at the forefront of using digital prints in the design of their abayas, a technique once described in the industry as “the greatest innovation of 21-st century fashion” and something which is shown through 20 pieces in this collection.

More Information
Prices start from AED 499 for the plain abayas and a sheila. Prices increase as the level of work becomes more intricate with prices reaching AED 2,499 for the Haute Couture collections.