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Dubai Based Fashion Designer Julia Milan launched Her New ‘Fame and Love’ Collection

Dubai-based fashion designer Julia Milan, who recently represented UAE at Bali Fashion Festival last month, was beaming with bliss as she launched her new collection ‘Love and Fame’ which the young top fashion designer describes as playful way of expressing timeline cuts of 1950’s and 60’s.

Julia Milan has designed ‘Love and Fame’ with empowered women in mind. “I always believe that women cannot be bounded by race, age or skin colour and all women should be able to speak their mind and dress up in accordance to their preference. The ‘Love and Fame’ collection inspires women to ‘love’ their fashion style and be okay to catch attention and embrace ‘fame’. We dress to impress and yes we are proud of it”the vegan fashion designer said.

Speaking about her latest collection, the designer explained why she chose Dubai and UAE to launch her collections: “I love every minute of working for the fashion industry in UAE. Women here, both expats and locals have a dazzling and world-class fashion sense. And I wanted my collection to reflect some of the latest fashion trends as well as my personal style. The range includes some chic, funky and classic pieces that can be worn different ways, so hopefully my range will hang in women’s wardrobes for many years”

About Julia Milan
A Dubai-based-Slovakia-born fashion designer and founder of Julia Milan brand. The brand Julia Milan is free-spirited and liberates the women of the 21st century from stereotypes and popularising a casual comfort-chic as the feminine standard of the new decade. A luxuriant fashion creator, Julia Milan was known for her lifelong determination, ambition and energy which she applied to her professional and social life. Julia Milan designs were guided by ten pillars: Jovial, Unique, Liberated, Intense, Authentic, Mind-blowing, Infinite, Lively, Alluring ,Naughty Julia Milan believes in the power of femininity thus celebrating women in each of her creations. The fusion of high-end quality and street-wear style, Julia Milan collection create comfort yet striking and innovative designs that are classy, timeless and versatile for downtown days and uptown nights. For more information and order, contact +971558499973