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Dubai Based Nadine Arton Launches First Ever Capsule Collections For 2016

After the international success of growing fashion house GlamOnYou, specialising in beautiful resort wear, the talented designer behind the brand, Nadine Arton, has just launched a stunning 2016 capsule collection under her name. Represented by dynamic cuts and distinctive prints, the “City” and “All around the world” collections are perfect for a woman of sophistication and glamour.

Nadine’s inspiration for the collection comes from her exotic travels around the globe as well as beautiful cultural elements which have brought to life through the designs. Produced with Nadine’s renowned quality and craftsmanship, each collection is addressed to a woman who wants to look unique and sees fashion as a celebration of the feminine form, always being independent and sensual.

The City Collection


Sensational billowing tops combined with elegant skirts, alongside beautiful dresses to suit any city or occasion are just a small part of what the “City” Collection has to offer. Explore the exquisite Shanghai Kaftan that takes you back to strolling through the modern and cultural Chinese city or pop on the feminine and flirty London dress for that 8-hour workday or even jazzed up for a glamourous evening soiree.

All Around The World


The “All around the world” line combines vibrant and geometric prints, bright materials and dazzling pastel colours, all appropriate for a modern and cosmopolitan woman searching for comfortable dresses for the day as well as remarkably elegant dresses and gowns for the night. No matter whether it’s Tokyo, Casablanca or Beijing, add a pop of polka dots to your wardrobe with the Venice dress or check out the crochet made Moscow long skirt and you’ll have a richly rewarding travel experience all around the world.

About Nadine Arton

Nadine Arton set up GlamOnYou in 2008 to give birth to her lifelong dream of creating a line of women’s wear that channels her many inspirations. Having lived all over the world, Nadine’s designs embody different cultural influences that convey a modern and feminine style language that is truly distinct, yet easily wearable. The woman who embraces GlamOnYou subtlety stands out from the crowd, conveying effortless style, wherever she goes.

Born in Berlin, Nadine was immersed in design and fashion as a child as her parents worked in the industry and since childhood she has always designed pieces for her personal use and as gifts for family and friends. Deciding to broaden her influences she studied History and Politics which led her to living in Spain and later working for German heavyweight publication Der Spiegel. Passionate about culture and people Nadine found herself living in varied places including Berlin, Madrid, Marbella, Damascus, London and Paris and Kuwait. The insight that these experiences gave her only further helped to enhance Nadine’s keen sense for the aesthetic and she soaked up the many influences.

Five years ago Nadine moved to Dubai and found a city which reflected her own cosmopolitan multicultural style and was inspired to create a brand which took the best from the melting pot and came together to encompass an overarching UAE style. Since launching the brand in 2008 Nadine has not looked back. She counts travel and immersion in other cultures as having had the greatest influence on her style, where she combines a Middle Eastern flair for colour, jewels and bedazzlement with typical German characteristics such as clean lines and sophisticated cuts and draping.

In 2015 Nadine has just launched the first 2016 capsule collections under her name. The “City” and “All Around the World” Collections promised to be a guaranteed success.

Stockists: These fun and vibrant collections made of the finest fabrics and material available can be found in Nadine Arton’s fresh and stylish showroom in Jumeirah and at Salam stores in Wafi, Abu Dhabi and in Boutique Casual Chic, Kuwait.