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ELEMIS Launches New BIOTEC Energising Skincare System

ELEMIS is breaking new skincare boundaries with the launch of BIOTEC – scientifically proven to increase cell energy. Following the launch of award-winning ELEMIS BIOTEC professional treatments, our cosmetic scientists have been researching, innovating and developing ELEMIS BIOTEC skincare for over 3 years. Launching ground-breaking patented technology, ELEMIS BIOTEC is set to be the biggest launch from ELEMIS since Pro-Collagen launched 13 years ago, energising the skin from within.

The NEW Energising Skincare System helps to re-boot skin’s performance for a thriving, vibrant and freshly revived complexion. Scientifically proven* to increase cell energy by up to 27%, promoting optimum skin function and vitality.

Noella Gabriel, Co-Founder and Creator of ELEMIS Therapies explains;“Cell energy is crucial to skin health. I wanted to create a system that would turbo-charge the skin from within, delivering true vitality to the complexion. This is ground-breaking technology, where the best of science and the best of nature are harnessed for extraordinary results.”
The Science
The ageing process and lifestyle challenges, such as stress, lack of sleep and the menopause, can cause skin function to diminish. Sometimes it needs a powerful wake-up call.
BIOTEC literally switches the skin back on, igniting a mineral charge for radiant skin. A potent BIO-ENERGY™ complex of encapsulated Zinc and Copper, combined with a trio of acids and Amber, energises the skin to maintain its natural vitality.Zinc is crucial to supporting the skin’s architecture and conductive Copper is a key player in skin health – so when released together, they turbo-charge the skin. Designed to work according to individual needs – no two complexions are the same – BIOTEC harnesses adaptagenic energy technology to calculate exactly what your unique skin requires.
The Results
Scientifically proven to increase cell energy. BIOTEC helps kick-start and energised cell energy and ATP synthesis to encourage the skin to perform its key functions, including repair, protection and turnover.

Biotec Skin Energising Cleanser
This energising wash-off cleanser kick-starts the BIOTEC system, preparing the skin for optimum performance. Charged with a trio of acids in an energising electrolyte solution, the deep cleansing action helps reduce surface oils and impurities, whilst helping to rebalance the skin. It leaves the complexion looking fresh, energised and beautifully revived.


Biotec Skin Energising Day Cream
Scientifically proven to help increase cell energy, this day cream harnesses the bio-energy complex of encapsulated Zinc and Copper. The trio of acids, blended with a potent Phyto-Bioactive, helps support and maintain optimum skin function and vitality. Leaving the complexion looking smooth, youthful and beautifully revitalised.
Biotec Skin Energising Night Cream
Powered by the bio-energy complex and enriched with Calcium PCA to boost night-time nourishment for beautiful vitality. Trans-epidermal water loss is limited, the skins barrier function is reinforced and the complexion appears smooth, energised and replenished upon waking.

About Elemis

Leading the way for over 20 years, Elemis is proud to partner with over 1,500 elite salons, spas, cruise ships and department stores worldwide to treat over 6.5 million clients each year. The successful combination of powerful natural ingredients, cutting-edge formulation technology and proven clinical trials has enabled Elemis to bring to market some of the most influential anti-ageing homecare products and professional spa therapies the beauty industry has ever seen.

More Information
***Available exclusively in selected Spas all over Middle East.