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ELEMIS Launches New Superfood Facial Oil

Delicately silky in texture and beautifully fragranced, this brand new Superfood Facial Oil combines the pure power of concentrated superfoods with the science and expertise behind every ELEMIS formula.

What is good for the body is good for the skin and nothing packs a more powerfully nutritional punch than superfoods. That is why ELEMIS has developed a facial oil that harnesses their potent natural and nutritional elements, allowing the skin to benefit directly. Rich in anti-oxidants and minerals, the Superfood Facial Oil acts like a personal trainer for the skin, keeping it supple, strong and most of all, healthy – the key to a smooth, glowing and radiant complexion. It is a product for all ages. The crucially nurturing addition to your everyday skincare wardrobe.

This game-changer of an oil is replete in anti-oxidants and fatty acids. Broccoli seed oil leads the mineral charge in addressing hydration and softening the skin. Flax seed oil boasts soaring levels of Omega-3, which soothe and seal moisture in, while Daikon Radish helps everything absorb for increased levels of nourishment. Texture is improved. Health is maintained. The result is skin that is richly fed. And it shows.

Flood your complexion with the integrity of nature’s finest offerings, underpinned by the science of ELEMIS, and watch it flourish. This is skin health in a bottle.

According to Noella Gabriel, Co founder and Creator of Elemis Therapies, “ELEMIS has always educated on the benefit of oils whatever your skin type so when we created Superfood Facial Oil we wanted to make a definitive facial oil packed with nutrition for the skin. With the pace of life today, we know we should be eating better to ensure the skin is functioning at an optimal level but this is not always possible. Superfood Facial Oil delivers an easily-absorbed booster of vitamins, omegas and anti-oxidants directly to the skin for natural radiance and luminosity.”

The Superfood Pro-Radiance Facial is a nutritional boost for stressed and dull skin. Rich in Superfoods, essential minerals and trace elements; Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Vitamin A and E form a mineral army to jump-start tired skin.

Available in spas across Dubai, this facial helps restore lost moisture, deeply nourishes, detoxes and packs the skin with powerful, energising nutrients. Skin is left stress-free and glowing with good health.

More Information
The Elemis Superfood Facial Oil is available in all exclusive high end spas in UAE for AED 378.