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Elemis Pro-Collagen Age Defy at Zayna Spa, Grand Millennium Al Wahda

Restore radiance to a dehydrated, lacklustre complexion with Abu Dhabi’s answer to a walk in the Alps.

What I tried: Elemis Pro-Collagen Age Defy at Zayna Spa, Grand Millennium Al Wahda

What I wanted: Fine lines and dehydrated skin are the classic cause for panic in the mirror. Thanks to the summer heat and blasting AC, my skin was feeling dry and parched. Zayna Spa has teamed up with Elemis to offer a whole host of new treatments. A brilliant British brand offering hardworking products that give results, they’re the equivalent of a cup of tea and a biscuit: traditional but essential in every woman’s beauty lexicon, and you can see why Cindy Crawford and Victoria Beckham don’t go down the red carpet without them.

What happened: Zayna Spa has 11 treatment rooms – including one VIP couple’s room – and is sprawled over two floors, one floor just for the wet areas of a sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi. These facilities can be used either before or after any treatment so flagging spirits are guaranteed to be boosted.

After being shown to my treatment room by my therapist Cathy, the facial begins with a thorough cleanse using a wonderful buttery Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm that removes the day’s dirt and grime. Exfoliation is next using Papaya Enzyme Peel to slough off dead skin cells. Cathy then opens several Elemis Cellular Recovery Capsules and warms the oil inside in her hands before liberally applying and massaging it into my skin. The key ingredient of these capsules I am told is the secret to this facial. The capsules contain pure Moringa oil, an anti-oxidant that is said to be one of the most powerful cosmetic oils. African women have used Moringa oil for centuries – the Moringa tree is known as the “miracle tree”. The idea is that the antioxidants will ‘repair the visible signs of ageing, lines, wrinkles and dull skin’ and ‘youthful plumpness and elasticity will be restored.’

After using a steamer to clear any blocked pores, the first of two masks is applied: a peel off mask to help lift and tighten the skin followed by a marine cream mask. The treatment ends with a slathering of Pro–Collagen Quartz Lift Serum and finally a celebratory dollop of Elemis Maximum Moisture Cream.

The result: For a guaranteed hit of all-day hydration, I couldn’t find a better facial than this. It instantly gives skin a plumping and brightening boost plus the results lasted for a few days, so I felt I could go without my usual foundation. It’s also an utterly relaxing treatment. But the best thing, Zayna spa sell Elemis products at market price so you can continue the good work at home at a fraction of the cost. Winner.

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Elemis Pro-Collagen Age Defy at Zayna Spa, Grand Millennium Al Wahda, AED 685 for 60 minutes, Tel: +971 2 495 3822 or zaynaspa.gmaw@millenniumhotels.com