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Emporio Armani Eyewear Fall/Winter 2016-2017


Emporio Armani eyewear uses bold language for a strong, modern, visual impact. The colour and geometric shapes initialled by the custom logo define the collection. The unusual combinations of materials – metal, rubber and nylon fibre – reflect the continual research and innovation that characterize the brand. The influence of the catwalk is an essential factor in this striking look. The collection is reinterpreted with a digital twist for an absolutely contemporary style.


EA 4091 – The feminine, avant-garde silhouette evokes the mood of the Emporio Armani fashion show, inspired by geometric shapes with fluorescent touches. The rounded lines accentuate the vibrant style of the innovative glasses: the round lenses are fixed inside the large nylon fibre frame, leaving an empty space between the frame and the lenses. The inner metal edge is coloured with purple or fluorescent shades, creating a bold play of contrasts. The following colour combinations are available: glossy black with fluorescent yellow or fluorescent fuchsia inserts and grey lenses; glossy havana with purple inserts and brown gradient lenses.

EA 2044 – The use of a circle, an example of a perfect geometric figure, evokes a design by the digital age and inspires the Emporio Armani fashion show, an expression of the revolution of the present. These striking glasses have oversized lenses with a satin outer profile and mirrored interior for an unusual visual effect, completed by a contrast of materials produced through an innovative production technique. The result is pleasantly fluid and gives them a timeless appeal, defined by bright metal temples and matte rubber temple tips. The laser-engraved logo on the temples is a striking, recognizable detail. Available in glossy rose gold with rose gold
mirrored lenses and glossy silver with silver mirrored lenses.

EA 3102 – This sophisticated, feminine model, which can be worn every day, is distinguished by the contrast between the nylon frame front and the very slim and elegant metal temples. The “Emporio Armani” logo is laser-engraved on the temples, which feature rubber temple tips to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit. Available in glossy black, opal red and opal purple.

EA 4088 – EA 3104 – This model, which is available as both sunglasses and glasses, is an example of cutting-edge design, featuring temples with a coloured rubber inner part and crystal outer part, produced through an innovative injection technique. The sunglasses feature a sophisticated and fresh play of colours and is dedicated to dynamic women who prefer elegant, yet fun frames. The sharp cut lenses create a game of “empty space” on the top corner of the frame front, emphasizing the exclusive look. Available in the following colours: glossy purple with yellow crystal temples, purple rubber and grey gradient lenses; glossy blue with green crystal temples, blue rubber and smoky gradient lenses. The glasses are distinguished by their extreme lightness and also feature this
iconic contrast of materials for the temples. Available in the following colours: glossy black with sky blue crystal temples and black rubber; glossy blue with green crystal temples and blue rubber.


EA 2041 – This model boasts retro charm and the use of innovative materials. The design reflects the dynamic and urban mood of the Emporio Armani fashion show. The fluid, circular shape is accentuated by the black nylon fibre frame, bordered by a slim metal profile that harmoniously merges with the double bridge. The slim lenses are in keeping with this season’s trends: the temple ends are the result of a sophisticated technique that combines nylon fibre with rubber. Available in matte black with matte black rims and silver mirrored lenses; matte rose gold with matte black rims and rose gold mirrored lenses. EA 1058 – These sunglasses feature

EA 1058 – These sunglasses feature a contemporary and striking contrast of materials and colours. The very slim profiles, which are in keeping with this season’s trends, are accentuated by a layer of metal applied to the nylon fibre for an extraordinary effect. Available in matte black on the glossy black nylon fibre frame front; matte black on the blue nylon fibre frame front; matte gunmetal on the brown nylon fibre frame front.

EA 4087 – EA 3103 – Innovative glasses, dedicated to stylish men with personality. Available as both sunglasses and glasses, the inner part of the temple is made from coloured rubber, while the outer part is made from crystal. By contrast, the rubber logo echoes the shade of the frame front. Available in the following colour combinations: glossy grey with grey rubber and gradient smoky lenses; glossy blue with blue rubber and slightly mirrored blue lenses. The glasses model features the same characteristics and the same structure: the contrasting materials give the glasses a discreet and refined masculine style. Available in the following colours: glossy black with black rubber and glossy grey temples; glossy grey with grey rubber and aquamarine temples; glossy blue with blue rubber and sky blue temples.