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ESMOD Dubai Reveals Student Capsule Collection with Rami Al Ali at Polette Concept Store

Last night was the 1st event which tied up fashion education in a leading fashion house

Tuesday, 7th November at Polette Concept Store marked Dubai’s very first fashion capsule collection presentation designed by a student and mentored by an international acclaimed designer Rami Al Ali.

Models provided by MaModels Agency showcased second year student Karashash Nurakhmet creations on the store runway followed by a speech of Rami Al Ali himself on the importance of mentoring emerging designers. As leading fashion names in the Middle East, each partner’s commitment to such initiatives is central to the vision toward shaping the leaders of tomorrow’s fashion industry with flair and professionalism.

During summer 2017, ESMOD Dubai, the French Fashion Institute, partnered with luxury couture house Rami Al Ali, in a special collaboration for Dubai’s emerging fashion industry. The partnership provided the invaluable opportunity for one ESMOD Dubai undergraduate to develop their very own capsule collection under the guidance of the acclaimed founder and designer, at the Rami Al Ali atelier.

Tuesday night’s event, the three-piece capsule  collection of the winning student was revealed to esteemed guests and friends of ESMOD Dubai. The crowd enjoyed a presentation of the toiles and the creative process behind the collection development.

Initially, Rami Al Ali briefed ESMOD Dubai students to design a look inspired by any Fashion House’s couture collections and which represented the DNA of his brand. After presenting an inspiring and comprehensive response to his design brief, Ms. Nurakhmet was selected earlier this year for her ability to demonstrate innovation and creativity, with commercial factors front of mind; price, production, and market appeal. The ESMOD Dubai second year student went on to enjoy an inspiring mentorship experience at the Rami Al Ali atelier, gaining inside knowledge and expert guidance in producing her own capsule collection. Ms. Nurakhmet’s collection will be sold exclusively at Polette Concept Store in City Walk Dubai, ESMOD Dubai’s fashion Designers incubator platform. The CSR initiative was launched back in 2012 by ESMOD Dubai Founders Tamara Hostal and Denis Ravizza to support the business and fashion labels of ESMOD graduates and alumni.

Commenting on the reveal of her capsule collection, Ms. Karashash remarked: “Not even the sky is the limit. I gave my best to this project and it has been a great opportunity and experience to design and produce a capsule collection under the guidance of designer Rami Al Ali. It is a very positive step forward in my fashion career, and I am so thankful to ESMOD Dubai for having opened the doors of the fashion industry to me and other students,” she said.

The Rami Al Ali couture house is recognised globally for its exceptional workmanship and stands out in its remarkable aesthetic of refined glamour, while ESMOD Dubai is the authority in fashion education in the Middle East being the first and the only institute fully dedicated to fashio for now eleven years. Through the collaboration, ESMOD Dubai and Rami Al Ali have worked together to educate and inspire students by nurturing the leading talent of tomorrow’s fashion industry.

“It has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with ESMOD Dubai, a fashion institute held in such high international esteem. I was honoured to meet the next generation of innovative designers and be able to share my advice and guidance and watch their skills and designs throughout the process,” Al Ali said.

ESMOD Dubai Founder Tamara Hostal commented that such collaborations further cemented ESMOD Dubai’s teaching, methodology and curriculum as unparalleled in the region and beyond.

ESMOD Dubai was recently recognised by the UAE Ministry of State Dr. Maitha Al Shamsi in Abu Dhabi for its achievements in contributing to fashion education at the highest level.

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