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European Electronic Fitness Studio Concept Launches in UAE

Personal20, a Portuguese fitness concept based on the science of Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and personal instruction, was launched in the UAE at an event in the capital.

Delivered by a qualified personal trainer, EMS training is a form of training using wearable technology supplying more than 36,000 muscle contractions during a single 20-minute E-Fit training session. The body pack worn emanates an electric current of low intensity reaching the deepest muscle fibers at 30-40 contractions per second for increased strength and improved blood flow.

Personal20’s CEO, Pedro Ruiz, signed the company’s eleventh, global, master franchise agreement in attendance of the Portuguese ambassador, Joaquim Moreira de Lemos and master franchiser for the UAE, Shuaib Al Sulaimani, with guests involved in the UAE fitness industry, at the event hosted at the ambassador’s home in Abu Dhabi.

Personal20 has seen huge success across Europe and the US, with its workout that claims to give the results of a 90-minute workout within only 20 minutes using Whole Body Electronic Muscle Stimulation, designed for time-pressed people who still want to remain fit or improve their results.

Pedro Ruiz, CEO of Personal20, which is a leading player in EMS – a fitness concept spreadingly rapidly across the globe, says “We’ve seen a booming trend across Europe and the US for our product because it so effectively solves the problem of the majority of people not having enough time to exercise.

“Our research into the UAE tells us the offering will solve a similar problem faced by UAE residents. A growing nation, theUAE is already a global service industry bringing with it all the usual side effects of a busy work-life. Our 20-minute proposition, with the superb results we have been seeing for both non-exercisers who never started because of lack of time, as well as those participating regularly in fitness who are continually pressured by time restraints, can work out more efficiently, in a way that is possible for everyone.”

This training method has been used for over 30 years by professional athletes and comes highly regarded by European doctors and physiotherapists. Fitness professionals can deliver a whole body electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) workout with all the benefits of increasing strength, body-shaping, and back-pain relief. This technology has already been used for over seven years in Germany, Spain, Belgium and Hungary.