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Experience The Terracotta Summer Escape By Guerlain

Looking to get away from it all? Longing for summer?
The Terracotta Summer Escape collection from Guerlain takes you on a journey… Set off straight away for three paradise islands, in the footsteps of sun-loving globetrotters keen to escape the everyday… Adventurous, romantic or sparkling, they have just one wish:  To reveal the intensity of their tan, highlight their skin’s vibrant glow and wear the most beautiful colours. We follow their lead!


Sparkling in Calvi…

Feel free to layer the product to build the intensity
of your tan at any time of day.The fi rst Terracotta Cushion looks to create a flawless tan and skin glowing with vitality. Its added extra? An integrated sun protection factor.  Boasting a skin-enhancing complex, this fl uid boosts the radiance and vitality of the complexion on each application. Its irresistibly lightweight, fresh and silky smooth texture becomes one with skin. It adds colour for a sun-kissed eff ect and helps to protect from UV rays thanks to its integrated sun protection factor. Perfectly travel-friendly, its vibrant compact featuring a plate has been designed to preserve the freshness of the formula. It opens to reveal a sponge tailored for touch-ups. It is sure to be your constant summer companion!

Must have:

For a pop look, I wear KissKiss Sexy
Coral on my lips and coat my nails in
the punchy new East Poppy shade from
the La Petite Robe Noire line.
KissKiss Sexy Coral – €37.50 La Petite
Robe Noire Nail Colour, East Poppy 044 –
€23. Available on 2 May 2018.


Adventurous in Bali


Nestled in a luxurious mahogany wood compact inspired
by yacht decks, the season’s star powder reveals a compass
motif, off ering an invitation to get away from it all. Its large size, ideal for applying make-up to face and décolleté, and its vibrant shades ensure a perfectly buildable and entirely made-to-measure tan. Terracotta’s universal shade delivers its legendary bronzing eff ect – slightly iridescent, radiant and yet incredibly natural. For a bonus healthy glow, the vibrant apricot heart refreshes a tanned complexion or can be used on its own as a blush. Your complexion changes throughout the summer as the mood takes you. As a finishing touch, the powder is adorned with an airy golden halo in the form of a radiant compass.

Must have:

Even at the other end of the world, I can’t
resist the invisible protection and divine
fragrance of Terracotta sun care creams.
Terracotta Sun Protect, SPF 15 and 30 –
€42. Available on 2 May 2018.


Romantic in Capri


Apply Summer Glow highlighter with your Terracotta brush to curved areas of the face and the arch of the eyebrows. Terracotta Summer Glow Highlighter – €49. Available on 2 May 2018.With this new highlighter powder, it is as if Terracotta had captured the sun. All of its most beautiful facets – its radiance, softness and warmth – are contained in this compact. Its softly golden texture falls in love with every skin tone. Ultra-luminous, it shines the spotlight on skin, yet is subtle enough not to steal the limelight. Sun strobing is born!

Must have:

To complete my dolce vita look, I go for
the chic mahogany shades of the new
KissKiss and La Petite Robe Noire nail
KissKiss West Wood – €37.50. La Petite
Robe Noire Nail Colour, West Wood 025 –
€23. Available on 2 May 2018.