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Experience The Epitome of a Great Dining Experience and Nightlife at Atelier M

When it comes to restaurants, Atelier M in Dubai Marina takes things to a new level. From the amazing views over the Dubai Marina; the glamorous contemporary yet classic Gatsby-esque décor; the attentive and friendly staff; the exceptional cuisine – and the cocktails – it is a treat to visit!

Situated atop the fashionable Pier 7 and overlooking Dubai Marina’s Address Hotel, Atelier M spans the top three floors with a fine dining restaurant, très chic lounge and a rooftop bar all of which boast the most spectacular marina views. The greatest of its unique attributes and what really sets Atelier M apart is the amazing energy. This restaurant feels like you could be in the heart of London, New York or Shanghai.

As we arrive, we are impressed by the chic, glamorous décor. A warm welcome awaits us by friendly staff who lead us to our table complete with indulgent velvet chairs. Sipping our signature cocktails in luxurious comfort, we peruse the sumptuous menu of French-Asian Mediterranean delicacies where classical French cuisine is ingeniously married with a blend of the mystery of the Orient.

The Head Chef and owner, Mohamed Islam, personally came over to greet us. Speaking to him, it is evident that he is passionate about fine cuisine and has brought his experience form LA to create a chef-driven extravagance as a unique expression of the art of fine dining in Dubai. Each ingredient has been painstakingly selected to deliver the promise of the finest quality ingredients and exquisite flavours .

The menu choice was so varied and pleasantly overwhelming that we asked our waiter for his recommendations. With obvious expertise and passion, our waiter suggested an array of options in a plate sharing fashion. We were soon tucking into the Chef de Tarte, a fascinating mix of caramelized onions and pistachio nuts; a pumpkin ravioli that melted in the mouth; and the tiger shrimp salad (our personal favorite) with a mouthwatering sauce of avocado, pickled shallots, truffle vinaigrette.

The organic salmon with cucumber flower was followed by tender Oryx venison. Our knowledgeable Sommelier chose the perfect French wine pairing.

Despite a veritable feast of flavours, the deserts looked too good to be resisted and did not disappoint. The baked chocolate desert was fantastic but the roasted spice pineapple hazelnut and coconut crumble was fresh and zesty all at the same time, stole the show.

Feeling pampered after our spoiling and indulgent feast, we decided to end the already wonderful evening off with a trip to the lounge upstairs. We sauntered up the grand spiral staircase to the lounge above, where impressive décor and magnificent views provide the backdrop to the perfect place for an evening out complete with signature cocktails, a great DJ and twinkling night lights and glistening waters of the Marina below. In the cooler months, one can continue up to the rooftop bar to party the night away.

As my companion remarked, “we have been to a lot of good restaurants, however this one is exceptional”.  Already a firm favorite in our books, we look forward to many more evenings enjoying this special place.

Cuisine: French-Asian Mediterranean
Location: Pier 7, Dubai Marina
Opening hours: Daily 6pm – 2am
VIP services available: By appointment
For reservations: 04 507766