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Fancy a Whole New Hair Look? At Jose Eber Laloge, We Think So!

When you are a renowned celebrity hairstylist dressing up the most famous from the Hollywood scene, everyone would want to get a feel for what it is like to be as glamorous as the stars of the Beverly Hills. French born stylist, Laloge, has styled countless leading actresses and musicians that no other renowned hairstylist has ever accomplished and he has now brought a taste of his signature look to the Address Boulevard Downtown in Dubai. We at KM, got a taste of what is like to enjoy his signature Hollywood tresses.


It was an average day of running errands and paying a few bills until it was time to get to Jose Eber Laloge salon for a much needed hair pampering. Located right opposite The Dubai Mall in the Address Boulevard, a hotel residence abode with a few eateries and shops, Laloge’s hair salon was glimmering with gold and black making quite a first impression Upon arrival, we were greeted with Sam, the receptionist and a wig stylist who showed us around the male section of the hair salon and then took us to the ladies station. On being seated at the assigned chair and table, we were greeted with our hairstylist of the day, Yazan, a 24 year old Syrian hairstylist with a passion for quick symmetrical chops and subdued hair colour looks.

He was warm and friendly and within 10 minutes of chat, he knew exactly what we were looking for, and this is the first hairstylist in our experience who understood and gave us exactly what we wanted, something that is not easy for other hairstylists to accomplish. We were blown away.

The request for a new look was a very natural dark to light brown ombre hair styled into soft waves as if the colours are naturally blending into each other. The stylist started off with shampooing and then bleaching the hair with the lightest bleach medium in order to not kill the natural moisture of the hair (most colourists overlook the need for a softer bleach dye). The bleach was applied asymmetrically to different hair lengths and sections. He then proceeded to wash the bleach, dry the hair and then applied different hues of brown to help us achieve the desired look. The products used for the procedures were by Kerastase and L’Oreal. Since the length of the hair was long, and the texture was thick, the colours had to stay for 2 hours before getting washed off!

As tiring as it seemed, Yazan showed no sign of impatience and he totally enjoyed transforming the hair and looked forward to the end result more than we did.

Once the colours were washed off and the hair was shampooed/conditioned and then styled into soft waves, our jaws dropped! It was as stunning as Audrey Hepburn’s caramel waves in the movie, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’ Just as we expected, the brown hues were drowning into each other as if they were floating of their own accord. Nothing looked too drastic and there were no sharp edges in between the hair lengths.

As much as we were impressed by the style we were rooting for, a good hairstylist with credible knowledge of what one expects counts and we give a major round of applause to Yazan and his impeccable skills. Laloge truly knows the importance of good hairdressing to embody his brand and image.

Our Verdict is obvious by now and we truly recommend this latest hair hotspot to our readers.

Keep Yazan in mind when it comes to precision regarding what you are looking for, but besides him, the other stylists are just as talented and worked magic on other women seated around us.


More Information

For more information on the salon and its services, check out this link.

Women’s Salon : 05 2222 2901

Men’s Salon : 05 2722 5999

E-mail : info@laloge.com

Address : La Loge Beauty Lounge,The Address Montgomerie Dubai, Emirates Hills, Dubai, UAE.