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Foreo: A Swedish Beauty Technology Brand Targeting Women Who Are Leaning Towards Clean Beauty…

In an age where technology is such an integral part of our daily lives, the beauty industry is not far behind in incorporating skincare and technology without the use of parabens, harsh chemicals and damaging toxins. Foreo’s brilliant cleansing device Luna Mini 2 is what dreams are made of when it comes to a spa-like treatment at home. We gave it a home trial and here’s what we thought…

In the Middle East, for years, women have been taking extra steps to look more glamorous and are never seen without full coverage foundations, bronzing products and intensely coloured eyelids. However, as we are becoming more universally aware of the many damaging ingredients in cosmetics including harsh chemicals, more women are opting for Clean Beauty where cosmetics are made of natural ingredients and where women have become very concerned with finding the right skincare routine to protect their skin against external aggressors.

Let’s be honest, no matter how well we clean our face post makeup, the residues still remain and unfortunately some of us are lazy to remove our makeup thoroughly by the end of an exhausting day. Foreo’s Luna Mini 2 is a revolutionary device that breaks down a thorough cleansing routine into an easy one-step process.

How does it make the cleansing process so easy? The device is made up of bacteria resistant silicone bristles that do not require to be changed and it has T-sonic pulsations with 8 massage intensities to remove 99% of dirt and grime collected on our skin throughout the day. The massage intensities depend on how well you want your skin cleansed and exfoliated.

Also, the latest updated Luna Mini 2 device comes with a 3-zone design that targets skin issues such as blocked pores, dryness, and double cleansing for acne prone skin. To top it off, you can use it with any face wash of your choice.

When KM tried the latest Luna Mini 2 for a period of a month to see final results, this is what we came to conclude:

  • It improved the texture of combination skin by getting rid of blemishes and unwanted bumps from hormonal breakouts.
  • Post makeup cleansing routine at the end of the day was quick & efficient and helped save time.
  • After wetting the face and applying the face wash of our choice, Foreo helped to boost the performance of that particular face wash further by helping to double cleanse our skin based on the massage intensity of our choice.
  • It requires no brush head change unlike other cleaning devices, and hence we saved money.
  • The 3-zone silicone brush design helped us to target areas of our face that required deep cleansing or softer cleansing based on the cleansing requirement of the day.
  • After a whole month of use, our skin quality improved and we were very happy with the results. It is a life-changing skincare product and buys us the one thing that money can’t buy, time!

Our final verdict: This product is 100% KM approved! We recommend this product to all our readers without hesitation.

More Information:

The Luna and UFO range is available at Sephora, Harvey Nichols in Doha, or can be purchased on this link and this link.