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French Beauty Brand LPG Offers The Best Way To Remove Scars

Whether they result from surgery or accident, whether they’re recent or old, scars often bring back painful memories, which makes it even harder to put up with them. Furthermore, far beyond their unsightly aspect, badly healed scars can remain very sensitive and trigger functional disorders: e.g. restricting joint mobility.

Ludovic Loffreda, CEO of LPG Bella Concept LLC said: “LPG is continuously developing treatments not just for beauty but for health concerns of our customers. Our most recent innovation is the LPG® Mécano-Stimulation which makes scars look more discreet, less red and thinner. In numerous cases, with time, some scars even become unperceivable.”





LPG® Mécano-Stimulation mobilizes tissue in a non-aggressive way, limits edema and adhesions, alleviates the pain and restores exchanges either early on inflammatory scars to boost the healing process, or later, on older scars to improve the fibrosis that brings about a sensation of discomfort.


Depending on the localization and tissue quality, some scars are difficult to mobilize manually and are painful when pinched. LPG® Mécano-Stimulation enables to treat in the early stages, even before full epidermalization is completed as it works around the wound, and guarantees painless mobilization, no pinching or uncontrolled pulling, that a hand cannot deliver.

Draining and anti-fibrosis properties for better healing:

Clinical observations highlight 2 key factors. On the one hand, an important draining effect can be noted: LPG® Mécano-Stimulation boosts exchanges and cell nutrition. In addition, waste elimination speeds up, enabling efficient tissue decongestion. On the other hand, early scar mobilization limits the risks of adhesion caused by fibrosis and fights joint mobility restriction, an incapacitating consequence of bad healing.

Finally, on older scars, Mécano-Stimulation™ considerably improves tissue suppleness and frees bindings and adhesions that are responsible for the discomfort sensation.

Everyone can benefit!:

The ROLL and LIFT patented treatment head mobilization is non-aggressive and painless. Thus it is possible to efficiently treat all types of scars listed below and to limit the need for further procedures.

  • Recent scars (surgery, trauma…) which still show signs of inflammation
  • Post- C-section (that can cause fat accumulation on the abdomen)
  • Painful and irritating scars
  • Old, unsightly (swollen) or irritating (compression) scars

The Mécano-Stimulation™ technique developed by LPG® has become a reference to treat damaged tissue (burns, post surgery) and will from now on be taught as part of the “maxillofacial rehabilitation technique” University Diploma, in Montpellier State university in France.

Scars Treatments are delivered in LPG-equipped physiotherapy centers across the UAE. Visit www.lpgsystems.ae for more details.