Several months ago I watched a
documentary called, “hip-hop evolution.”
The 4-part series chronicles the poignant
and pivotal cultural movement that
reshaped and redefined the landscape
of music, which gave way to a whole
new language of style.
As a born and bred New Yorker, it was
during my time at the high school of art
and design when I began to see and feel
the influence of hip-hop on other music
as well as art and style. This collection is
my representation of the well-studied
dressing up of casual sportswear.
It is an acknowledgement and gesture of
my respect for the polish and consideration
applied to fashion from a generation
that will forever be the foundation
of youth culture street style.
—Marc Jacobs

With a palette focused on the warm neutral colors camel, ginger, brown, gold, red, maroon and silhouettes borrowed from casual attire and sportswear, dressing for “everyday” is as simple as a coat over a dress, a sweater with pants or the casual polish of a track suit.
Character and identity as expressed through accessories:
Shoes range from rustic to smart in both rugged and waxed or antiqued and high polished leathers. Casual and practical handbags in supple waxed pythons, vinyl looking leathers,  and naturally tanned leathers get a graphic treatment through stitch details, color blocking and contrast border and bindings. Amped up gold jewelry provides the glam and celebrates my collaboration with artist Urs Fischer whose charming, sculpted and gilded mice pendants swing
from heavy gold chains. Pumped up hats by Stephen Jones take their cues from the haberdashery and  elegance of Andre 3000.
Beauty takes an individual approach tailored to the character of each model. Statement nails add a fabulous flourish and finish.
The show itself is a simple presentation of all these thoughts culminating in an urban landscape documented by legendary New York photographer Joel Meyerowitz.

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