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Gaucho: The Best Argentinian Steaks in Town

Gaucho lives by the philosophy that every guest should experience a bit of an Argentinean life. Every culture has something different to share and Gaucho has its own unique identity. It expresses that identity through its culinary expression.

Gaucho, meaning a skilled horseman in Argentina, was the name given to the restaurant to maintain a symbolic notion of bravery and freedom of pride; the two traits that the Argentineans live by and like to associate themselves with. Now, what relevance does that have with the food? As brave as the gauchos were, they lived a nomadic life and ate their meat fresh as they couldn’t store it anywhere since they were always on the move. It is from the foundation of the diet of Argentina’s iconic symbolic hero that an international steakhouse was born.

Like most cultures, Argentinean food has the Mediterranean and indigenous cooking heritage along with a hint of a European touch. Early migrants to the country relied heavily on cattle meat, vegetables and taking advantage of local flavours in favour of provisions available to them at home.

Fun Fact: Argentina is also home to the world-famous dessert condiment, Dulce de Leche, a sticky caramel made from thick condensed milk topped with anything, be it ice creams or pancakes.

Our Experience at Gaucho Dubai

A fun-filled atmosphere located in the bustling towers of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Gaucho is a relaxing place for both family and friends with great promotions for women, festive occasions and weekday menus.

Upon entering, the venue looks dark and cosy and is uplifted with lamp lights and monochrome interiors and calf leather. We preferred being seated in the lounge area opposite the DJ booth as it felt more relaxing.

The Food

Most of the menu revolves around different cuts of beef such as sirloin, rump, rib-eye and fillet for different preferences. Our favourite starter of the evening was the Beef empanadas that were served with a BBQ condiment with Spanish onions and red peppers. It was juicy and spectacular.

Besides beef, we tried salmon cups and pulled chicken in tangy sauce. Absolutely delicious!

For the main course, we were served cubed beef fillets served with any condiment of our choice along with seafood risotto and a hefty steak to complement the risotto.

For desserts, we were served the venue’s signature dulce de leche cheesecake and a warm choco fondant to complete the dinner. Both were rich in flavours and extremely creamy in texture.

Our verdict: A definite must visit.

Current Promotion: Mondays are the new Thursdays, whether dining with friends, catching up with colleagues or hosting a business meeting right in the middle of DIFC.

‘Meat Me Mondays’ invites you to sample the best of Argentine steaks, tantalize your taste buds with a variety of marinades, washed down with unique varietals and grapes from Argentina. All this for AED 455 per person.


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