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Grand Hyatt Offers Ecstatic Valentines Promotion for Japanese Food lovers at Their Infamous Restaurant, Sushi.

Located in the middle of the fabulous Grand Hyatt Hotel, Sushi offers delicious varieties of Ramen, Udon and many other dishes to entice Japanese cuisine enthusiasts for a perfect romantic dining getaway.

The restaurant is designed like a small Japanese hut with bamboo details. It has a counter that delivers freshly prepared food and a view of the massive interior of The Collective lunch hall.

In the 21st century and an ever growing globalised hub, Ramen, like the Italian pasta, is a staple for culinary delights of many and has increasing demand in the market for a perfect exotic meal on the go. At KM, we know that our lovely gulf readers are busy and yet want the most out of a special day like Valentines while they hurdle the storm of their overly scheduled lives.

Ramen is easy to eat, delicious to savour and completes the perfect romantic date that you have in mind while you are out with your partner.

Sushi offers more than just Ramen. Their thick Udon Noodles took our breath away both in terms of presentation and taste. Their sushi range is impressively extensive and delicious; and their black cod fish served with sweet soy sauce is one that we will definitely recommend.

Finish with their delicious rice cake in custard flavor – a perfect treat. Besides that, their matcha tea ice cream is a signature that you won’t want to miss.

Our Verdict: A definite Yes.

More Information

Time: 12:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Place: Sushi

Reservations: For more information or reservations, please call 04 317 2222 or visit this link.