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Guerlain Abeille Royale Honey Smile Lift & Honey Nectar Lotion

This year, the Abeille Royale line composed of exceptional active ingredients –Guerlain Royal Jelly, made in France, and Pure Black Bee Honey from the island of Ouessant – is being enriched with two skincare products that are inventive and effective in equal measure: Honey Smile Lift, Lip & Contour Sculpting Treatment, and Honey Nectar Lotion.

Honey smile lift Lip & Contour Sculpting Treatment


Recover your smile… with a beautiful burst of laughter!

After Gold Eyetech, Eye Sculpt Serum, totally unprecedented eye contour care whose spectacular performance has already won over a host of women, Guerlain is taking their smile in hand with Honey Smile Lift, the first Abeille Royale Lip & Contour Sculpting Treatment.

Sensitive and delicate, the mouth – along with the eye area – is the first place to show visible signs of ageing. Wrinkles, fine lines and marionette lines mark the contour of the lips, which are less well defined. Lips often seem drier and finer. The smile area appears less firm and gives the impression of severity, which changes all of our expressions.

Yet, our smile is a language, a way of conveying what remains unspoken within us. It reveals whether we are fulfilled, happy, sad, sincere, timid, or seductive. It expresses our pleasure, our contentment, our joys… Hence the discrepancy between what is seen and what is felt when it suddenly betrays us! More than an antidote to sadness or gloom, recovering your smile means reconnecting with the way you look and becoming yourself again.

A smile treatment
Honey Smile Lift, the first Abeille Royale Lip & Contour Sculpting Treatment, does not offer mere lip care, but takes comprehensive action on the entire smile area. From wrinkles and fine lines around the lips to the nasolabial folds, it smoothes, firms and redefines contours. Like Eye Sculpt Serum, Lip & Contour Sculpting Treatment combines a formula with active ingredients known for their repairing* action, a breakthrough applicator and a massage technique designed by Guerlain.

An exclusive formula
The formula concentrates the repairing and nourishing effects on the skin of the bee products chosen by Guerlain Research: honey from the island of Ouessant – one of the world’s most effective natural healing substances – and an exclusive royal jelly.

These are combined with a unique gourmand texture as rich as a balm due to the presence of a 100% natural “beeswax butter”. The luscious, silky smooth formula gently glides over the lips, which instantly appear plumper and smoother. A gourmand pleasure for our lips, enhanced even further by its honey-toned shade.

An intelligent and intuitive applicator
This unique patented** tool developed exclusively for Abeille Royale is an ingenious extension of the hand. Design, ergonomics, materials: everything about this applicator has been carefully considered for application as easy as with a finger. Its effectiveness has already been proven in Abeille Royale’s Gold Eyetech, Eye Sculpt Serum launched in August 2015.

The design fits perfectly with the contours of your finger as the pad of your index finger rests against the imprint on the hollow of the metallic tip. Rounded and pierced with an opening to gently release the formula, the back of the applicator follows the lip contours and lines, enabling all of the massage movements – smoothing, pressure, tapping – over the entire smile area.

On contact with the lips, the 22-carat finely gilded metal contributes to the refreshing effect. Lips are plumped up from the very first application.
** HCT patent

A technique like “toning gymnastics”
While some fifteen muscles are required to laugh, just as many are needed to start what the dictionary defines – perhaps too simply – as “a slight movement of the eyes and lips”: a smile. Hence the importance of boosting this entire “smile area”.

The technique – real “finger gymnastics” – contributes to the treatment’s effectiveness. It is exclusively provided by Sophia Kremser, the creator and trainer for all of the massages and beauty treatments in Guerlain institutes.

The techniques are simple and can be easily performed in front of the mirror in the morning, but above all they deliver instant results. You won’t be able to live without them!

Honey Nectar Lotion Firming, Soothing

ABRO16-241 copy

In its beautiful frosted honey-toned bottle, Honey Nectar Lotion joins the Abeille Royale beauty ritual as the first step, morning and evening. But make no mistake! This “preparatory” lotion is just as active as it concentrates the exceptional repairing* power of scientifically proven bee products.

Its role is to boost the effectiveness of Abeille Royale skincare with repeated application. The lotion stimulates the skin’s self-repair ability and infuses it with honey’s essential nutrients.

The sensory ritual of water on the skin
The lotion is slightly textured, which gives it consistency without stickiness.

It is applied instinctively and naturally: place one drop in the palm of your hand, bring both palms together and then separate them and caress the face.

Close your eyes, to experience the touch of fingers on your skin, and breathe in the fresh fragrance of this nectar, enveloping and reassuring in one: beeswax absolute’s honeyed notes blend with the more floral accents of mimosa and broom, and then the scent of fresh herbs… You feel a deep sense of well-being… and breathe. Then as you exhale, gently tap your skin to both revive and relax it. Open your eyes. The hydrating effect is instant; the skin appears firmer and smoother and is already glowing. Morning and evening alike, the skin is then ready to receive its first skincare.

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