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Guerlain Launches Pore Minimizer

The war on blocked and enlarged pores has begun. STRESS, SMOKING, POLLUTION, THE SUN and AGEING are all factors responsible for deformed pores. EXCESSIVE SEBUM PRODUCTION and DEHYDRATION make them more visible, at any age and on all skin types. Skin can no longer breathe; it becomes saturated and LOSES ITS RADIANCE…

Don’t panic! Pore Minimizer is flying to the rescue. This correcting concentrate instantly improves the appearance of pores, leaving skin more beautiful: it is smoother, matte and velvety. Whether pores are blocked, oily or enlarged, this superhero skincare overcomes any problem for all types of pores creating a flawless skin texture and a more radiant complexion.

Pore Minimizer is a skincare product that not only instantly refines
pores but also reduces them with lasting results. It, therefore,
helps skin to control its sebum day after day. Its breathable, non-comedogenic gel formula consists of a generous hydro-attractive phase (96%) and a polymer that leaves a supple mesh on the skin’s surface, allowing it to breathe. It offers an unprecedented combination of clay, zinc and a plant extract to target and treats all types of pores (blocked, oily, slack or even dry) to remove dead cells* and capture excess sebum without suffocating the skin.

Immediately after application**: The number of pores decreases by 21%
45% of large pores are refined.

Pore Minimizer has more than one string to its bow. In addition to its correcting action, it successfully combines effectiveness and pleasure. Easy to apply morning and evening, before or after your skincare product, it leaves a feeling of cleanliness and freshness thanks to its light fragrance. A real asset for flawless skin!

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