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Guerlain Launches Rouge G Lipsticks in Creative Covers and 30 Bold Shades of Colour with Custom Designed Aesthetics to Suit Every Woman’s Moods and Choices…

With an ever-growing market of lipsticks and stylised packaging to impress and suit a woman’s aesthetic pleasures, Guerlain – as always – takes it to the next level..

Fashioned like a jewel, designed by the famous jeweller Lorenz Bäumer, ROUGE G is the first and only lipstick from Guerlain to reveal two mirrors. This precious step combined with its precision of application makes it a truly exceptional object. The feel of it is unique, it resembles a giant bullet and the sleek cover opens up like a magnet to reveal the dual mirrors and the lipstick shade.

Initially launched in 2009, the Rouge G has changed its game and currently offers a wide variety of custom-made covers as well as 30 shades to choose from.

In a world of design and fashion, these covers suit a woman’s personal style and give her a choice to use any colour and style that she covets for her own personal beauty routine.

Keeping aside the endless designs offered by Guerlain, the lipstick formula is the same signature  Guerlain high shine lipstick that has an opaque coverage in one full swipe.

According to Guerlain, Why change a winning formula?

Rouge G is highly pigmented and incredibly luminous; it nourishes smoothes and plumps up lips thanks to hyaluronic acid spheres, mango butter and jojoba oil.

The winning formula comes in your classic reds, pinks and nudes with an addition of bolds such as a blue, a green and a gold lip topper that brings high glitter shine to any matte lipstick!

Our personal favourite is the Number 42, a bright coral, and Number 25, a classic old Hollywood red. Almost the entire lip collection smells like a vintage scented body powder laced with nourishing ingredients that are comfortable on the lips.

The packaging of Rouge G, however, is another story! First and foremost, they are incredibly gorgeous with our favourite being Miami Glam and K-Doll. Miami Glam has a crocodile skin cover in Light pink, a great cover for a ‘girly girl.’ K-doll, on the other hand, has a futuristic marble look to it. – sleek and sophisticated.

Every cover has something to satisfy every woman’s creative need and personal style and they all meet high fashion standards that are couture-worthy.

Be ahead of the game and get yours today…

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