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Guerlain Presents 2015 Summer Collection By Terracotta

This season, the Terracotta girl is taking off for an easy breezy summer in colours soaked by the sun of seaside cities. Regardless of the destination, her lifestyle will be the same: casual, joyful, easy going. She tans by the water, perfectly protected thanks to the Terracotta Sun range. A dab of Gloss d’Enfer for a sensual smile, an express touch-up with SPF 20 Terracotta Sun Protection Compact Foundation for a perfect tanned complexion, and she’s ready to jet off to peruse the art galleries and boutiques! In her bag, an accessory that follows her everywhere: her My Terracotta bronzing powder, dressed in a turquoise or coral shell, a very desirable and colourful limited edition that she can use to enhance her tan whenever she desires. Finally, from the beach to the city, she transforms her look with her neon pink Rouge Automatique for a burst of colour, very South Beach Miami. With fashionable gladiator sandals on her feet and aqua nail polish on her toenails, she is ready to embrace summer.

STAR PRODUCT: MY TERRACOTTA Bronzing Powder Moisturising and Long Lasting LIMITED EDITION

The legendary sun powder now has a summer wardrobe! Riviera turquoise or vibrant coral, the silicone case dresses the legendary compact in a pop colour and fits into a handbag or beach bag. This Terracotta is joyful.

Often imitated but never equalled, the winning Terracotta formula has not changed: your skin appears sun-kissed throughout the day and remains comfortable thanks to its moisturising agents.

Good to know: The shell comes off and can be reused. There’s nothing stopping you from dressing up your Terracotta compact this winter to give yourself a taste of summer.

Share and collect them to match your bag or your mood.

Inside these My Terracotta limited editions, two best-selling shades to warm the complexion:

02- Naturel/ Natural Blondes in the turquoise case for a subtle rosy glow


03- Naturel/Natural Brunettes in the coral case for a subtle golden tan.


STAR PRODUCT: TERRACOTTA SUN Sun Protection Compact Foundation SPF 20, Water Resistant LIMITED EDITION


Terracotta loves the sun, the sun loves Terracotta. And since skin is never more beautiful than when it is (safely) tanned, Guerlain is enriching the Terracotta legend with an even more precious and desirable protective face and body ritual for a longer-lasting beautiful tan. 4 Guerlain is introducing the first SPF 20 Terracotta compact foundation, a foundation with sun protection that combines skincare and make-up and will accompany you in the city or at the beach.

Immediate “simple tan”
Soft and ultra-fine, its non-greasy texture melts delightfully onto the skin, making it extremely simple to apply. No hint of thickness or fragrance; once it’s applied, it’s immediately forgotten, leaving only an infinitely thin veil that is perfectly unifying and comfortable. Gently warmed, the complexion is more beautiful throughout the day.

Lighter or darker skin tones, everyone will find their perfect tan: Sand to enhance blondes, Bronze for brunettes.

All-terrain protection
SPF 20 Terracotta Sun Protection Compact Foundation never stops working.

– Moisturise: The exceptional power of hyaluronic acid helps hydrate the skin, providing it with comfort and softness and plumping it up in the face of heat.

– Protect: Its combination of UVA and UVB filters unfurls like a real SPF 20 protective umbrella to protect the skin from premature ageing and the harmful effects of the sun.

– Resist: It unfailingly withstands humidity, water, heat, as well as exercise.

Travel-friendly and intelligent
Its white lacquered travel-friendly case fits into the smallest of clutches, making it the ultimate summer companion. Its large mirror and precise sponge make it easy to apply touch-ups at any time: at the beach, in the city, in the car, or on a terrace.

TERRACOTTA SUN Sun Moisturiser Tan Booster SPF 15 / SPF 30 LIMITED EDITION

Take off with Guerlain’s most intelligent sun protection, one you should own as surely as a pair of black sunglasses. It makes life simple and comes in two protection levels: SPF 30 for fair skin tones, SPF 15 for darker skin tones. This is the essential product of the summer for protecting your face and body, allowing you to travel light and perfect your tan.

Intelligent sun care
Terracotta Sun protection is a double shield that counters harmful UV rays and pollution. Its combination of UVA and UVB filters protects the skin from premature ageing and sunburn. Its NATUR’DETOX Complex and shea polyphenols gently neutralise environmental pollutant particles* (nicotine, chlorine, exhaust, etc.) to detoxify the skin and increase the brightness of the tan. The tan is optimised, glowing with beauty.

Effective sun care
The formula is enriched with Tan Booster to activate, maintain and extend the tan. An active ingredient derived from the carob tree, Tan Booster stimulates the melanocytes and activates the production of melanin* so you tan more easily. For a lasting and natural tan that is more beautiful day after day.

Sensual sun care
Unbelievably smooth, the texture is inspired by massage rituals to maximise your pleasure every time you apply it. This sun care protects your face and body starting with the first rays of sunlight, both as a replacement for your daily skincare and on holiday.

Travel-friendly sun care
This sun care can truly follow you everywhere, including on the plane, as it comes in a special 100 ml size. That way you can keep it in your carry-on so you can protect yourself the second you leave the plane!




She has golden sun-kissed blond hair, her tanned skin is enhanced and protected thanks to the Sand shade of her SPF 20 Terracotta Sun Protection Compact Foundation. Behind her sunglasses, her eyes are dressed in a minty blue aqua, a delightfully fresh Blue Ocean Summer Shadow Cream Eye Shadow whose water-resistant formula guarantees long-lasting wear.

Using its foam applicator or her finger, she can practically apply it with her eyes closed! Her smile is chic and natural with her Browny Clap Gloss d’Enfer. To complete her look, she wears matching pop, bright aqua Blue Ocean Colour Lacquer on her finger and toenails. At nightfall, she enhances her look with some of her secret it-make-up accessories: her My Terracotta Blondes powder in its turquoise shell to enhance her tan. A final very black stroke of Khôl Me Kajal, a hint of Cils d’Enfer Waterproof mascara and, on her lips, her devastating neon pink Fluo Stiletto Rouge Automatique.



She basks in the sun at the side of the pool, her brown hair up in a bun. Her coppery complexion is enhanced and protected from the sun thanks to the Bronze shade of her SPF 20 Terracotta Sun Protection Compact Foundation. Her complexion is radiant, all she adds is a touch of Cils d’Enfer Waterproof mascara and Tangerine Vlam Gloss d’Enfer, a wet-effect tangerine shade. On her nails, her Nahéma Colour Lacquer, a sparkling coral that enhances her tan.

In the evening, she dresses her eyelids in a sandy colour with her White Sand Summer Shadow. She’s not worried; she knows its water-resistant formula will keep them looking impeccable until dawn. A stroke of dark black Khôl Me Kajal to intensify her eyes. For her complexion, a dusting of My Terracotta Brunettes to enhance her tan. On her lips, her Yellow it-stick Rouge Automatique with its hidden secret: a yellow as golden as the sun turns into a subtle gold on the lips. She also uses it as a highlighter on her cupid’s bow to recreate the effect of sunlight.

Available in all major beauty retailers, prices starting from AED 128.