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Guerlain’s New Maxi Lash So Volume Makeup Collection


A glance in the rear-view mirror, velvety eyes with endless lashes… Natalia, with her charm and beauty, whisks us away in her beautiful vintage car from the month of April with her new mascara and a new beauty story. All women complain that their lashes aren’t long or thick enough. Now, with Maxi Lash So Volume, all women can have bountiful lashes; just like Natalia, who is well aware of the power of a seductive gaze and uses it at every opportunity!Olivier Echaudemaison, Creative Director

CAPTIVATING INTENSE VOLUME, MAGNETIC BLACK, Wildly seductive, devilishly elegant…

Guerlain has created the fantasy of a gaze that is even more powerful and intriguing than ever.

En route for unforgettable glances: Maxi Lash So Volume, a sophisticated variation of our iconic mascara, delivers “limitless” volume, boldly overdosed in an indecently dark black.

Her charming co-driver, Écrin 1 Couleur, is a must-have eyeshadow available in numerous shades offering a variety of effects to beautifully enhance your eyelids at full throttle in line with your desires.

At the same speed, original lipstick shades boost the sex appeal of these icons in the making, creating a range of captivating looks that can go the distance.

MAXI LASH SO VOLUME Mascara Volume Intense, Noir Profond Intense Volume, Deep Black Mascara


Following on from Maxi Lash and Maxi Lash Waterproof, the saga continues. The latest version balks at nothing. Excessive to the max, this mascara boosts volume right to the tips of lashes to give an outrageously full result in a stunning deep black, which is just as chic day or night.

A formula that delivers unprecedented performance…
Specially developed by Guerlain Research, it contains remarkable new formulations. A real All-Purpose formula, it provides incredible, instant volume and faultless hold. From the first clump-free sweep of the brush, the gentle, creamy and elastic formula creates significantly thicker lashes all day long. Totally stunning, thanks to a subtle combination of polymers, it delivers a breathtaking, long-lasting curl. An expert at heart, it is enriched with a conditioning action for more beautiful lashes at a mere stroke, along with polymers and adhesive oils to prevent running or smudging. Highly provocative, it is infused with ultra-glossy oils that enhance its intense black with a spellbinding depth.

Impeccable right up to the finish line, it is even easy to remove.

An ingenious brush with an ultra-slim silhouette…
This incredibly fine elastomer brush weaves in to easily catch and precisely coat lashes one by one – even the shortest and those at the very corners of the eye – to offer sensational volume.

The multiple spikes ensure a perfectly smooth and even lash- thickening effect from the roots to the tips. Its honed line also guarantees a superb curl for an unbeatable “blow dry” effect. Thanks to the carefully studied space between each row of spikes, the formula is generously delivered to coat and sculpt lashes to perfection, with no risk of excess.

A fabulously elegant look…
The famous Maxi Lash case has been reworked in ultra-modern lacquered black – as always topped with gold – in a fine jewellery style. A gem, yes, but one that can be carried with you anywhere, any time: a travel-friendly beauty essential!

ÉCRIN 1 COULEUR, Ombre Longue Tenue, Poudre Soyeuse, Long-Lasting Eyeshadow, Silky Powder


Guerlain has reinterpreted the single eyeshadow, a chic key staple for everyday wear. This must-have accessory offers equally seductive and indispensable shades to use to your heart’s content and collect with abandon.

A sensual texture, as if the eyelids were cloaked in pure silk…
Airy powders, chosen for their exceptional softness and lightness, glide easily over the eyelid, leaving a veil of even colour that becomes one with the skin.

Exemplary stay-true hold for endlessly batting eyes…
Incorporating Guerlain last-ever technology, the pigments are coated in a gel to stay put all day long without settling into creases or fine lines, while ensuring optimal comfort.

Vibrant, à la carte, custom-created effects…
Three finishes for three make-up results – matte, metallic or satin – chosen according to the colour to be showcased. Colour is given full expression with crystalline pigments. The shades are pure and intense from the very first application. And to give a spectacular glow to shimmering shades, Guerlain has created a subtle combination of latest-generation pearlescent particles whose differing shapes and sizes ensure 360° light dispersion.

ULTRA-CHIC, CHARMING PARTNER, Your smile is set off beautifully, all the better to flatter this smouldering gaze

Irresistible curves with KissKiss, Shaping Cream Lip Colour:

New 561 So Plum!

A sophisticated deep plum to pair with Écrin 1 Couleur Brownie & Clyde for a mysterious, provocative and passionate look.

New 562 Pretty Pink

A fresh, romantic pink to team with Écrin 1 Couleur Blue’s Brothers for an intense, daring and sophisticated effect.

Available at all major beauty retailers. Price: Mascara Maxi Lash Extra Volume Noir AED 172; ÉCRIN 1 COULEUR / Long-Lasting Eyeshadow AED 170; KissKiss Lipstick AED 190.