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Polluted air and urban stress: daily enemies to youthful skin

Atmospheric pollution, chemicals, ozone, gas, etc.: every day, thousands of pollutants penetrate the skin. Every day, they accumulate and join with UV radiation, forming toxic groups, known as “carbonyl groups”, which asphyxiate the skin and prevent it from implementing its natural regeneration mechanisms.

These groups appear during oxidation of the skin’s proteins by free radicals. Once carbonylated, the protein is permanently damaged. It becomes non-functional and toxic for the cell.

At the heart of the cell, the mitochondria, micro-power stations essential to cell activity, are less productive. The bioenergetics network becomes less effective and the regeneration process slows down. Skin ageing accelerates. On the surface, clogged skin becomes dull, and cell renewal occurs more slowly. The complexion becomes lacklustre and loses its radiance.

Night, the perfect time to detoxify the cells and boost the skin’s energy…

At night, when the skin is at rest, the endogenous purification systems will be able to devote themselves fully to cleansing these toxic groups. This leaves the skin adequately replenished and regenerated, ready to face a new day.

ORCHIDÉE IMPÉRIALE THE NIGHT DETOXIFYING ESSENCE is Orchidée Impériale’s first night care designed to “detoxify” the skin and release cellular energy. The skin’s nocturnal revitalising process is reactivated.

For the first time since its creation in 2006, Exceptional Complete Care from Guerlain is offering a specific nighttime product. Aesthetic performance and technological prowess combine in this skincare infused with duality – two phases, two actions, two effects – to enhance the experience and optimise the results.

“Detox + Energy”, Orchidée Impériale The Night Detoxifying Essence delivers an incredibly effective and highly desirable, perfect twofold action to purify your skin and encourage its regeneration when confronted with a polluted atmosphere that smothers its youthfulness.

The quintessence of Guerlain elegance. The precious bead, a symbol of balance, suspended on the threshold of the two phases for optimal blending on application.

“DETOX + ENERGY” Two actions, two effects for extraordinary regeneration night after night

An innovative combination of a powerful cell detoxifier, Purifynol, and Gold Orchid Technology, The Night Detoxifying Essence’s formula works its double action during the night for a double purification-regeneration* effect on the surface and at the heart of the skin.

1. Purification

A “detox” action at the heart of the epidermis, in the mitochondrial network itself. Purifynol, composed of a soy protein extract** chosen for the effectiveness of its natural defence mechanism, traps the free radicals generated by the pollutants that have infiltrated the skin and protects the mitochondrial network against the formation of carbonyl groups*.

2. Regeneration

Born of the research conducted by the Guerlain Orchidarium, Gold Orchid Technology simultaneously infuses the detoxified cells with its extraordinary revitalising energy, boosting – in a virtuous circle – the skin’s regeneration process*. In 24 hours, Gold Orchid Technology doubles the expression of genes for energy production, triples the expression of genes for energy location and recreates the mitochondrial network subject to oxidative stress*.

… for a double effect: on the surface and at the heart of the skin

From the surface to the heart of the skin, the cells are detoxified, as if they had been “cleansed” of all traces of pollution; they can breathe. The skin’s energy is released, its production maximised, and its regenerative power reactivated.

* In vitro tests on ingredients
** Non-GM soy


For its very first Orchidée Impériale night care, Guerlain has imagined and formulated its most precious and innovative beauty essence. Combined in a single bottle, its two phases complement each other to create an ultra-high performance blend and an irresistible experience:

  1. The Oily Upper Phase is incredibly sensory to encourage better absorption of the active ingredients into the skin, while providing a delicious feeling of comfort.
  2. The Aqueous Lower Phase is highly concentrated in active ingredients to deliver all the skincare’s detoxifying and regenerating effectiveness*

The ultimate signature of Guerlain refinement is the delicate suspended bead that, when the bottle is shaken, optimally mixes the two phases. They blend together perfectly for an incredibly soft feeling on the skin and maximum effectiveness.

NIGHT AFTER NIGHT, MORNING AFTER MORNING The skin awakens to a newfound youthful appearance…

During the night, the cells are detoxified, energy flows, and the nocturnal regeneration* processes are busy… In the morning, brightened and purified skin appears refreshed, perfectly smooth and luminous. Soft and supple, it exudes energy and vitality.

* Upper layer of the skin

Use before going to bed on perfectly clean, moisturised skin. Shake well and apply to face and neck using your fingertips and/or cotton wool, avoiding the eye contour area.

Guerlain Orchidée Impérale Night Detox 125ml: AED 1025.